How Does Stenter Control The Voltage

Control system design. The monitoring system of Flat Screen Printing Machine is developed with configuration software.

Modern industry is playing an increasingly important role. After weaving polyester fabrics, heat setting is usually performed to obtain a stable shape and improve stress. Wide Stenter is an equipment specially used for molding fabrics. Machine heat setting polyester The network computer control system is a set of temperature control voltage control frequency control communication, that is to say, the bottom of the machine collects scattered data to display monitoring, and the operator can operate the field equipment on the main computer, observe the trend and other alarm processing.

     The parameters of the thermal spray furnace system are automatically processed using professional automatic processing technology. In order to solve the uneven temperature of the bellows, the plate is used to collect the temperature of the field signal plate, and the ends are separately controlled and tested to achieve good results. Speed ​​system, the inverter is used to implement the high-speed speed regulation of the four AC motors of the wide Stenter. This series of inverters can be selected in a variety of control modes.

     The user chooses the speed sensorless flow control vector control technology, which makes the system easy to install and has high control accuracy. The protocol is used to connect all inverters through communication, and the stretching synchronous control executes the synchronous control of the stretching motor, and adopts traditional control algorithms. , The high-speed counting module is used to calculate the stretching displacement error, and according to the motor speed under the error processing, the voltage control module uses a control strategy to solve the system voltage control problem.

    Control system design. The monitoring system of Flat Screen Printing Machine is developed with configuration software. Field devices can be operated on the host computer without error, and field data can be retained for understanding. For intuitive operation on site, it is equipped with touch terminal equipment. The touch terminal mainly communicates with the PLC to reflect on-site conditions in real time, and has achieved good results. In order to reduce the cost of the search process and the stable quality of the size, the historical data on the main computer is used in the neural network system for prediction , Which can help the development of the parameters of the operating process.