Stenter Has High Requirements

The human-computer interaction system of the Flat Screen Printing Machine touch screen is also a very important item and an important part of the production line.

First of all, Stenter PLC's logic processing ability and operation processing ability program is characterized by the use of modularization, standardization and other programming methods. When debugging or modifying the program, you only need to modify the corresponding module, which can make it easy to read and level. Clearly, and more importantly, facilitate the debugging process. The PLC program is the key to the operation of a system and determines the organic progress of the whole line of work;

       Second, the issue of human-computer interaction. In the main interface, use the script language to realize the function shortcut keys, and click the touchpad to cut into the screen of each unit extension, so as to realize the man-machine dialogue. The production speed of the production line is very fast, and the requirements for synchronization are also very high. This feature should be fully considered in the design. Therefore, the synchronous control method is adopted. The AC data content of the drive inverter of the netting machine and the winder is mainly through the data interface of the PLC. If you want to achieve satisfactory dynamic effects, it is necessary to realize that digital communication and production line lifting speed are good dynamic effects. In order to ensure the synchronization function between the laminator and the winder, the winder is also equipped with a tension control system.

       The tension of the winding machine is a very important part. On the basis of synchronous control, tension control is added. Its effect is very large, it can affect the quality of the product to a large extent, and the stability of the winding machine tension is also one of its influencing factors. Then, the tension controller is particularly important. It can transmit the control signal to the PLC, and then through the tension control program, the tension control system can be strictly adjusted to ensure the dynamic and stability of the winding machine tension control.

      The human-computer interaction system of the Flat Screen Printing Machine touch screen is also a very important item and an important part of the production line. The touch screen provides a very advanced and user-friendly human-computer interaction interface. During operation, click on the screen on the touch panel, and the corresponding menu will pop up, which is very convenient. The dynamic division shows the main parameters and working status of the equipment in work, and can be modified and set at the same time. Mainly include: display function, parameter setting, historical trend record, alarm query, report making, authorization management and online help.