After-sales Service Of Flat Screen Printing Machine

In the current Chinese Flat Screen Printing Machine market, there are not many after-sales services, and there are only a handful of them that can do well for customers.

           In the current Chinese Flat Screen Printing Machine market, there are not many after-sales services, and there are only a handful of them that can do well for customers. However, the pre-sales and after-sales are like gold, but there are many people who can truly serve customers What kind of companies should serve? If there is no RD capability, strong capital strength, and a reliable technical team, what can I do to support a complete after-sales service system? In the era of service winning, The proportion of tangible products in consumer demand is getting lower and lower, and the value of services is becoming more and more important. In the whole service, especially after-sales, this link is more core. If it is not recognized by customers, then this The enterprise will face the ruthless competition from other manufacturers, and will be eliminated by the market cruelly in the competition. Therefore, if every enterprise wants to gain a foothold in the market, it must establish a customer-centric core value concept and always remember that it will never change. Shang Hai’s ancient motto: “The first, the customer is always right; the second, if the customer is wrong, please refer to the first.”

             Enterprise marketing without after-sales is marketing without credit in the eyes of customers. Products without after-sales service are the most insecure products. Companies that cannot provide after-sales are companies with no follow-up viability, so do well and do Detailed and after-sales service can not only improve customer satisfaction, but also win the market. Therefore, customer satisfaction can test the final result of enterprise after-sales service, and a complete and systematic after-sales service is to achieve customer satisfaction and realize the purpose of enterprise sales. The two play an inseparable role in enterprise marketing. It can be seen that the after-sales service of an enterprise bears a special "mission" in the entire marketing process of an enterprise, and plays an active role in promoting the entry of enterprise products into the market. Another weapon for market share, to be more honest, customer satisfaction directly determines the survival and development of an enterprise.

         In the after-sales service of general enterprises, a fairly common problem is the indifferent service viewpoint. The reason is that they have not received systematic professional training, the overall business quality is poor, the work attitude is not positive, and the goal is not clear. In short, the service is not. In place, customers can't be satisfied.

           After-sales, it can be said that as long as an enterprise has set up this link, it is not a simple matter to do after-sales, but a systematic project. Without the company's financial resources as a strong backing, it is impossible to do deep and detailed in this project. Achieve a certain depth and breadth. Therefore, current enterprises cannot provide consumers with satisfactory after-sales service in a deeper and wider range, and ultimately fail to achieve the purpose of after-sales. In short, the service is mostly said before the sale, and the after-sales are not known. , The focus is only on the surface, not for the benefit of customers.

           In short, a good Stenter after-sales service brings more consumers and a better reputation. Whoever will have more customers will win the market. After-sales service is a part of the sales process. Satisfaction can gain the trust of customers and occupy a place in the market. Therefore, companies must continue to improve service as a breakthrough, improve product quality, improve service quality, improve customer satisfaction and corporate reputation, and be better than competitors Unable to do, unwilling to do or unexpected value-added services, so that the after-sales service of the enterprise can play a truly unique role in the development of the enterprise, and promote the sound and healthy development of the enterprise, then such after-sales service can stand firm in the business sea. Such an enterprise can be prosperous.