Introduction To The Operation Of Hot Air Stenter Machine

Operation points of Hot Air Stenter Machine

Operation points of Hot Air Stenter Machine
1. Chemical material: the dye must be fully stirred and dissolved in the chemical tank before it can be driven into the cylinder, otherwise lake stains may occur on the cloth surface
2. Temperature: It must be covered to keep the temperature running to keep the temperature in the cylinder consistent with the upper and lower liquid temperatures
3. Heating up: do not make the cloth roll run when the steam is heated up, otherwise the temperature difference between front and rear will cause color difference
4. Head and tail: Before operation, ensure that the temperature of the cloth roll is not much different from the temperature under the liquid. In winter, it is necessary to prevent the cloth roll from being too cold to cool down the cloth layer contacting the roll. You can pour hot dye solution on the roll several times. Make it increase the temperature.
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