What Are The Performance Of Flat Screen Printing Machine Factory

Flat Screen Printing Machine Factory's open rotary screen printing machine performance characteristics

    Flat Screen Printing Machine Factory's open rotary screen printing machine performance characteristics:

   1. Made of imported materials, high temperature resistance 180℃. If necessary, the use of special materials made of high temperature 230 ℃, alkali resistance, acid resistance, chemical resistance.
   2. Commonly used in the blanket with a spiral structure of mesh material, the entire blanket after high-temperature setting treatment, the overall structure is very stable, the width and length of the basic non-shrinkage, does not stretch.
  3. The blanket surface is flat, uniform in density, and has good abrasion resistance. It runs smoothly, is not easy to deflect, and has a long service life.
Cloth fabric three-dimensional concave-convex pattern Stenter: It has the advantages of fast embossing speed, adjustable pressure, adjustable temperature, adjustable time, etc. It is reliable in operation and easy to operate. It can also be pressed according to actual needs. , Only need to make a template to meet the special embossing process requirements.