Introduction To The Components Of The Stenter

Structure introduction of Stenter

Structure introduction of Stenter

(L) and width setting frame entry limiter: cloth guide will help to expand the cloth and correct, and select low bits into cloth.

(2) The center of the calibration compound (cloth guide): the straight calibration function of the cloth guide.

(3) Sizing machine (rolling car): Pressurized water and sizing.

(4) Speed ​​compensation device (displacement detection wheel): It can control the tension between the sizing machine and the setting machine.

(5) Weft yarn corrector: cloth can correct skew or weft yarn arc.

(6) Set the machine control panel: all the focus adjustment motors are above the entrance box, covering 95% of the entire machine operation function.

(7) Monitor: the camera and the fabric belt can monitor the quality of the cloth at any time.

(8) The entrance box and compression molding machine code pull up the fabric feed needle.

(9) Show the edge seeker and tracking: the former person in charge of the needle, and expand the edge of the fabric that tracks on the edge of the fabric.

(10) Needle/track and folder chain: Needle is dried into fabric conveying plywood board or oven.

(11) Circulating hot air bellows: hot air circulation device windmill, heat exchanger, drying or passing forming fabric.

(12) Width adjustment mechanism: adjustable fabric blank.

(13) Exhaust system: a ventilator, air duct and inlet/exhaust damper, with good ventilation design.

(14) And cold water-cooled cylinder cooling device: car, and use a cold cylinder to cool.

(15) and the cutting blade of the cross section: the edge cutter cuts unnecessary edges on the cloth, and absorbs impurities.

(16) A machine cloth cloth setting cloth: There are two kinds of cloth cloth and cloth ways.