Job application - why yours was rejected

Only after their job application has been rejected do most job seekers find out why their job application was unsuccessful.

Unfortunately, it tells them that with a little forethought they could figure it out on their own. Let me help you avoid these common mistakes and give you some insider tips to maximize the success of your job application

Applying for a job: it's a personnel matter


All job applications do not start with the job seeker, but with the employer. The role is endorsed within the organization by a combination of two forces:


Business need

Leader of the team in which the work will be performed

This is an important insight because it should tell you that the final decision on who is hired is made by that manager and jobs today bd that the successful job applicant will be considered the best fit to meet the defined business requirements.

The result of these two forces is the creation of the job description from which the job advertisement is based. Only after the work is approved to this stage does the job application become a personnel process.

But failing to recognize the human beings in the face-to-face exchange—the manager and the successful job holder—is a key mistake many job seekers make.