RFID Handheld Reader is An Indispensable Part of Intelligent Warehouse System

As a fast and intelligent data acquisition device, UHF RFID Handheld Reader has strong flexibility and can be applied in various scenarios and links such as check-in, delivery, distribution, packaging, etc., and become a partner for mobile digital information acquisition and processing.

As a fast and intelligent data acquisition device, UHF RFID Handheld Reader has strong flexibility and can be applied in various scenarios and links such as check-in, delivery, distribution, packaging, etc., and become a partner for mobile digital information acquisition and processing. By using the warehouse location management function of snhges system, we can know the current location of all inventory goods in time, which is conducive to improving the work efficiency of warehouse management. RFID intelligent storage solution is also equipped with RFID channel machine, query machine, reader and many other hardware devices. Supported by information technology, smart logistics realizes system awareness in all links of logistics, such as transportation, warehousing, packaging, loading and unloading, circulation and processing, distribution, information service, etc. Analysis, timely processing and self adjustment functions to realize a modern comprehensive logistics system with logistics regulation wisdom, discovery wisdom, innovation wisdom and system wisdom. To realize the unification of information flow and real logistics, the traditional warehousing management inevitably faces the real-time data lag due to the limitations of technical conditions, which can not accurately reflect the warehousing inventory and logistics in real time, resulting in a serious disconnection between information flow and real logistics.

The application of radio frequency identification (RFID) can fundamentally solve the above problems. Based on radio frequency identification (RFID) technology and according to the actual situation and needs of warehouse management, Hangzhou Dongshi technology has developed an RFID intelligent warehouse management system.

RFID is the abbreviation of radio frequency identification. It is a non-contact automatic identification technology. RFID can be traced back to the Second World War (about 1940). At that time, its main function was to distinguish the enemy from the British aircraft. In recent years, with the development of large-scale integrated circuit, network communication, information security and other technologies, as well as the promotion of Wal Mart, the world's leading retailer, RFID has been rapidly applied to smart grid, transportation, logistics industry, medical health, fine agriculture and animal husbandry, finance and service industry, industry and automatic control, smart home, environment and security detection, public security, national defense, smart city and other industries and fields. Android RFID Handheld Reader is to automatically identify the target object and obtain relevant data through RF signals. It is mainly composed of electronic tag, reader and antenna. Tags are composed of coupling elements (also known as antennas) and chips. Each tag has an electronic code (EPC), and the chip can store specific serial numbers and other information. The reader is the bridge between the tag and the software system. On the one hand, it reads the tag information, and on the other hand, it communicates the reading results with the software system. The antenna exists in the tag and RFID handheld reader and is responsible for data transmission from the tag chip to the reader and then to the software system.

RFID technology is divided into low frequency, high frequency, ultra-high frequency, active, etc. RFID technology has the characteristics of non-contact, fast scanning, high identification efficiency, not easy to be damaged, suitable for harsh environment, convenient operation, fast reading and writing speed, large amount of information storage, multi-purpose one card, anti-collision, good security encryption performance, reusability, tracking and positioning, etc.

With the change of the whole manufacturing environment, the product cycle is becoming shorter and shorter, and a small number of diverse production methods begin to rise. The demand from the market puts forward higher requirements for warehouse management. Adhering to the principle of quality-oriented and service-oriented, adhering to the principle of standing on the customer's point of view, thinking about the customer's thoughts and being urgent for the customer's needs, drawing on the experience of all aspects, learning from each other's strengths to make up for each other's shortcomings, the company's software has been continuously improved, and technological innovation has been carried out with the continuous progress of science and technology, seeking the gradual development of the enterprise in the constant changes, insisting on win-win cooperation, mutual benefit, hand in hand progress and common development. Jiawu software is a high-tech enterprise specializing in software development, software customization and software implementation. The modern warehouse reserve not only completes the simple batch processing of goods in and out, but also makes clear database records of the types, quantities, production attributes, stacking positions and other information of goods in the warehouse. So as to obtain accurate goods data and supply chain information at all stages of the logistics link.

By using RFID technology, Bluetooth RFID Handheld Reader improve the efficiency of warehouse management and provide the accuracy of WMS system data. The main objectives are as follows:

Reduce human operation leakage, improve management level and reduce potential safety hazards;

Real time data acquisition, keeping the consistency of items and records in time;

Reliable and stable data acquisition and accurate data;

The statements are manually sorted and summarized and then completed by computer;

Improve the efficiency of data management, timely register the detailed accounts of various safety tools and instruments, and achieve the consistency of accounts, materials and cards;

The system is flexible and has expansion function;

The system is practical and easy to operate for users with different levels of professional quality.

RFID technology warehouse management is aimed at warehouse arrival detection, warehousing, outbound, distribution, warehouse transfer, RFID technology application, RFID technology, RFID technology, etc. Due to the low propagation rate of saw, the effective reflection pulse train will not return to the reader until after a long delay time. The key technology of saw RFID system is the combination of tag coding capacity and operating range transponder and reader / writer. It is a small, low-cost electronic tag antenna package suitable for the items to be identified. Because the items attached to the tag and the use environment are very different, its packaging structure has its own characteristics, and they must meet the following requirements. Ensure that the piezoelectric chip can withstand the external environmental stress and its changes during its working life without causing performance deterioration. The RFID handheld smart card reader terminal, using the wireless network environment and cooperating with the warehouse management software in the background, can accurately count the quantity and storage location of materials, and accurately manage the warehousing, outbound and other warehousing management processes of each material.