Listen to Radio En Direct in France

Webradios are usually less compressed and offer less interference than FM. In addition, they allow you to save and share your favourite stations to social media accounts. This service is definitely worth a try!

If you have an internet connection, you can listen to radio en ligne at any time, anywhere in the world. The advantages of this kind of radio station far outweigh its disadvantages. Radio en ligne has a much wider potential audience than FM traditiononal. 

Several software applications are available for listening to radio online. The easiest way is by launching your internet browser and selecting an application that allows you to listen to French radio stations. France Info, France Bleu, RTL, and RMC are among the many popular French radio stations available online. You can also find radio stations in English by searching for Skyrock or Europe 1 in France. The French radio station Ecouter is the most popular choice for users in the country.

The French government has embraced this form of radio for its many benefits, as it provides a way to listen to local, regional, and national radio stations from the comfort of your home. The first radio en ligne station was launched in 1986. It was a public service broadcaster and had two objectives. Its primary objective was to promote freedom of expression and the French language. The editorial policy was structured around three axes, namely religion, politics, and culture. Nevertheless, the station did not deviate too far from these axes.

Another station, Radio Courtoisie, was a non-sectarian station that devoted time to issues of interest to French speakers. Several Catholic priests, including Father Guillaume de Tanouarn, had regular spots on Radio Courtoisie, and gave time to the Good Shepherd Institute, and the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter. They were followed by Father Philippe Laguerie and Father Gregoire Celier, who later died.

Ferre wanted Radio Courtoisie to be anchored in the political right, and open to all different right tribes. He wanted the station to bridge the gap between the extreme-right and the mainstream right. Ferre explained the attacks against Radio Courtoisie on air. In the Libre journal on 16 April 2001, Ferre stated that his project was to rally all patriots. He also defended the editorial freedom of Radio Courtoisie.