Better Use Of China Custom Sunshade Parasol

Here is the price situation of Portable Easy Pop Up Gazebo, which is often encountered in climbing and climbing roads.

 1, slope

   Here is the price situation of Portable Easy Pop Up Gazebo, which is often encountered in climbing and climbing roads. Under normal circumstances, it is still possible to find a sloping flat land on a slope (if you can't find it, please refer to the third and fourth items). The key is that the friction between the sleeping bag and the moisture-proof mat is small when you sleep at night, and people will slide down. It is impossible to sleep when the slope is large.

   Selection method:

  1. When two people build a tent, choose to camp under the tent with two trees close together. If you don’t move two big rocks underneath, put your backpack between the trees or rocks so that your head faces when you sleep at night. I went to sleep with my feet on the backpack at the bottom. In fact, people fell asleep half-standing in this way. I camped on a hillside of about 30 degrees at a time. After 4 hours, my soles were very uncomfortable. I slept with my left and right feet alternately for one night.
  2. If it is better for one person to handle it, when choosing to camp, the side of the tent should be leaning against a tree or stone, and the backpack should be placed in the middle of the tree or stone, so that the person's overall weight is placed on the side of the backpack, and the person can sleep on the side alternately at night. Ensure a better sleeping effect.

  2, the tent pole is not there

This possibility is that the tent and the tent pole are opened separately, sometimes they are not brought, and sometimes the players with the tent and the players with the tent pole are scattered (a few of my friends showed this situation when they were too worn last year). The most common problem is the cracking and damage of the tent poles. When encountering this situation, everyone should be clear. The tent poles are actually a few poles with a supporting effect. If you are not camping in snowy mountains or strong winds, the strength is required. It’s not very big, so it’s easier to find alternatives in the wild. The best is bamboo, which is tough and strong. If you can’t find it, use a knife to cut a wooden branch that is about the same length and thin. The principle is to find a new branch and don’t look for it. Old branches, look for wet branches and don't look for dry branches. Such branches have greater toughness. To make up for it, I saw another post that introduced one of the ways to prevent lightning strikes in the wild is to set up a metal tent pole and insert it in a local place about ten meters away from the tent as a lightning rod. Obviously, at this moment, you only need to use branches instead of the tent. Rod up.

  3, the area of ​​the campsite is too small (of course it is smaller than the area of ​​the bottom of the tent) or there are too many rocks at the bottom to be tidy. This situation is more complicated and should be used flexibly according to the prevailing geography.

  A, if the bottom is uneven, and there is no thick mat to simply pierce the bottom of the bad debt, under normal circumstances, you can find dead grass or leaves to spread to the bottom and fill it.

  B, if the camp area is too small and can’t be organized, there is no way, as long as the China Custom Sunshade Parasol is opened, and sleep is flat.