Introduction To The Standards Selected By China Custom Sunshade Parasol

The handle of Portable Easy Pop Up Gazebo becomes very important, especially if you live in a windy area.

The handle of Portable Easy Pop Up Gazebo becomes very important, especially if you live in a windy area. If you have a budget, choose fiberglass columns instead of aluminum columns. Since glass fiber is more flexible, it bends in the wind instead of breaking. When it comes to elasticity, bamboo is very good at it.


For a small part of the day, the sun will be directly overhead. Therefore, the value of straight umbrellas is lower than that of inclined umbrellas. In addition, the highest temperature during the day is between 2 pm and 4 pm when the sun is tilted. Therefore, larger shadows mean cooler shadows. Nowadays, many umbrellas have hinges, so they can be bent to block sunlight from any angle. You can also choose a cantilever umbrella.
Ribs and fabric:

The ribs and fabric are the actual parts that help shade. When due attention is given to the base and column, the ribs and fabric also need attention. The size of the umbrella plays an important role here.

You don’t want a small umbrella because it may not provide you with enough shade. You also don’t need a very large umbrella because it may look out of proportion to the rest of the area and may make the area look crowded. As a design tip, look for an umbrella that covers the table and 2 feet on each side.

If the umbrella covers the sun bed, then the sun bed is 2 feet on each side. The choice of fabric is very good. Since you are investing in an umbrella, you need a fabric that is durable and resistant to sunlight and rain.

Final judgment:

However, the first thing you have to decide is whether you need a desktop or a freestanding umbrella. If you have a table, a table top umbrella works well. They are not very expensive, if you are bored or they start to fade, you can easily replace them with new ones without burdening your pockets. If you have a lounge but no tables, or your umbrella is used to cover the sunbeds, then China Custom Sunshade Parasol is a good choice.