Here are 3 tips to help your small business

Here are 3 tips to help your small business

Many people browse their Instagram feeds each day. They'll like the photo of a friend, leave a comment on it, and then scroll down. Brands must ask themselves how they can put their content in the eyes of their customers. How do you convince users to stop scrolling and actually read your content? These three tips have been proven to work and we'd like to give them to all of you to help you boost the amount of Instagram engagement.


1.Hashtags in the original copy

Instagram and hashtags are like two peas in a pod. There have been a variety of methods for hashtags through the years, however Instagram recently published some useful details. They said that hashtags have more success when they are used in the original post rather than the comments.

Everybody is interested in hashtags and the ideal number to choose is. We've found that a range of 5 to 7 is the ideal number. Are you not sure what hashtags you should use? Select hashtags that have a wide reach and are relevant to your content to ensure that your post is relevant to these hashtags.

2.Carousel Posts

You may have noticed more carousel-themed posts on Instagram lately. This is due to the fact that if you scroll down Instagram getguestpost it is possible to only view the first slide, and not be able to engage with the image or video. When you've finished scrolling down the app will shut down. The same post will be accessible the next time you go to it. But it will be on the next slide on the carousel. This gives you a second opportunity to interact with the post. This format is utilized in a variety of websites using the video-photo format.

Let's say I am the manager of the social media accounts for a tiny restaurant , and would like to share the special meal I had of the day. I would film the chef's work and then snap a photo of the food when it's served. The video would form the first element of an Instagram carousel Instagram and the picture the second. I would then add relevant hashtags in the caption, and include the food special that day's meal in the caption.


Utilize this advice next time you publish and notice the engagement increase due to more viewers consuming the post.

3.Prompt response time

Did you receive a message on your blog from someone who didn't reply? This could have an adverse impact on the engagement rate and will not help you make your post Get Guest Post more visible to an even larger audience. It is crucial to respond to every comment! Instagram will view your post as more valuable if it has more comments. Your post will be in the top spot of the feeds of your followers.


You can boost the number of comments to your post by including questions in the captions. This allows users to respond in comments. It is also possible to ask users to add their friends' names in the comments , Website so that more people can be able to see the post.


It not only increases engagement rates It also shows your commitment to assist your customers in every way you can. It's no secret that positive comments are the most effective method to increase your business!

It's not easy to comprehend Instagram. However, these suggestions can help you increase your engagements. We'd love to help with managing your social media profiles. Our team is constantly monitoring the trends and accounts to ensure that our customers get the most effective outcomes.