The most potential cover star of NBA 2K22

Although his name may only have a championship ring, he spent his entire time with the Dallas Mavericks and never walked around.

As the summer is in full swing, the cover star of NBA 2K22 will be announced, and it's time to look at the potential options. Although NBA 2K22 has not yet been officially announced, it is expected to be announced in the next few weeks. Although the "NBA 2K" series has not officially appeared on E3 for many years, the last time it was in 2013, E3 seems to be a good reminder of the upcoming 2K franchise information. If a decision is made in the previous few years, then the star announcement will be made in July. Although the stars of "NBA 2K21" are easier to predict, this year's selection is a bit undecided. Nevertheless, NBA 2K22 still has some obvious choices.

So far, the rumor mill surrounding NBA 2K22 has been relatively quiet, but there is a message that has spread widely, which implies that Dirk Nowitzki (Dirk Nowitzki) appeared on the cover of the legendary edition. To be fair, this feeling is not too far-fetched. Nowitzki has statistics supporting the cover event of the legendary edition. He ranks sixth in two impressive categories: historical scoring, where he leads Wilt Chamberlain, and defensive rebounding, leads Hakim Olajuwon. NBA 2K22 MT allows you to acquire excellent players.

Although his name may only have a championship ring, he spent his entire time with the Dallas Mavericks and never walked around. In addition, Nowitzki has been selected to the NBA All-Star 14 times, which allows him to accompany historical superstars such as Karl Malone and Michael Jordan. Of course, there are countless options for the legendary version, but if Nowitzki gets the honor, it is unlikely to hear any complaints. Many star players can be unlocked through NBA 2K22 MT.

This year's cover can express the love for the Dallas Mavericks. Although so far, there have been two covers that look like Doncic and Nowitzki with surprisingly similar careers, but this may also be the exact reason why it works. Given that Zion Williamson was on the cover of the next-generation console last year, it makes sense that this year he will select another outstanding player under the age of 25 to represent the next-generation console. Buy 2K MT will get more skills.

If 2K Sports is looking for a new cover artist and Doncic is currently ending his spectacular regular season, his performance may become the NBA's playoff MVP in the playoffs. It can't find a better candidate than Doncic, but there is still controversy about other players such as Treyang, Devin Booker or Jason Tatum.