We will start with an Chicago quarterback

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The last week's Madden simulation showed the Detroit Lions almost win the victory over the Baltimore Ravens, if not to Mut 22 coins have an insane ending that you couldn't even script.The Lions were ahead by two points in the game, however the Ravens were threatening to score just under a minute to go.

Lamar Jackson tried to get into the middle of the field and then to goal, but was stopped by an opponent right before he fell into the end zone. Detroit was taken down by the Lions for a safety during the next play. This cut the lead to two , and handed the ball to the Ravens. Justin Tucker would end up making the winning kick in the final seconds.

The bizarre and unpredictable conclusion was not the same as the real thing.What will happen this week on Madden Simulation as the Detroit Lions face off against the struggling Chicago Bears? We will start with an Chicago quarterback.Join us at 10:30 a.m. ET Saturday morning for a chat with us as we play the game and have a Lions QA.

Three takeaways from the Cowboys Vs. Panthers Madden Simulation.The Dallas Cowboys won their first Madden season victory, beating the Carolina Panthers 28-21. This was due to a well-balanced strategy. Dak Prescott was masterful at throwing the ball, while Ezekiel Elliott was the dominant player on the field. The win was Dallas the first winner of the Madden simulated season however what else did it reveal to us?

Dak Prescott was treated for surgery.Prescott completed 18 of his 20 passes for two touchdowns. He also avoided costly mistakes, which cost Dallas in cheap madden 22 mut coins the two previous simulations. After a eight-yard sack on 1st and 10, which placed Dallas in a position of difficulty near midfield, Prescott's just two errors were on back-to-back throws.