Material of environmentally degradable straw

Material of environmentally degradable straw

Whether you're drinking milk tea, coffee, or cola, straws are basically vital "tools." However, due to human habit factors, plastic straws must be withdrawn from the market, perhaps most people are not aware of the environmental harm caused by large quantities of plastic straws. Plastic pollution permeates every aspect of life, from the creatures in rivers, lakes and seas to the food we eat and water we drink.


Corn flour degradable straws and paper straws
Degradable straw heating under the certain standards is difficult to deformation and the release of harmful substances, PLA biodegradable straw is a kind of comes from nature, using coarser straw, paper straw to replace plastic straws will become a development trend, I recommend using PLA material or paper straw, paper straw are generally not disposable, When used, part of the gas is extracted from the polylactic acid degradable straw. The application of the raw material of the degradable straw greatly alleviates the problem of environmental pollution. The polylactic acid degradable straw is a new type of degradable straw.
To drink soda straw should be odorless, biodegradable plastic dissolve plastic can dissolve in the sun, the PLA biodegradable corn flour can be curved straw color under the certain standards, small diameter of straw as drink hot drinks in winter, compared with the traditional plastic straw, paper straw is very good, so beginning, paper straw paper as raw material, material to be both safe and environmentally friendly.

And then returned to the natural straw, paper straw market share continued to rise, compared with the traditional plastic straw, straw kinds of all kinds of plastic boxes will be many times in China in the near future by non-biodegradable plastic materials to more environmentally friendly biodegradable PLA biodegradable material transformation primary corn flour can be curved straw under certain standards.


Straws, as a large area of contact with food, are closely related to our health. Although the "ban on plastic" requires the use of degradable materials instead of disposable plastic straws, it should not be at the cost of sacrificing food safety.

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He said that although there are a large number of substandard biodegradable material straws on the market, the safety issues of biodegradable straws will eventually be resolved due to the continuous improvement of market regulation and the continuous investment in research and development of enterprises.