Introduction To The Maintenance Of Flat Screen Printing Machine

Operate Stenter only with permission and proper supervision

  1. Operate Stenter only with permission and proper supervision;
    2. Published before operation, all safety measures and equipment should be in place;
    3. If the machine stops for no reason, avoid restarting it;
    4. Before starting the machine, check whether anyone is making other adjustments;
    5. All tools should be put back in place, and at the same time ring the bell to notify other working partners;
    6. If the noise is too loud, use earplugs;
    7. Avoid placing your hands on the rotating part of the machine for digital printing, and your body should not be close to the machine;
    8. When the machine is running, do not go under the machine to make some adjustments;
    9. Don't try to smear the ink skin or paper scraps from the printing plate or ink roller;
    10. Do not wipe the roller or rubber roller when the machine is running;
    11. Do not rescue the paper;
    12. When applying the cloth piece, it should be folded well to avoid being caught in the terminology of the machine. If there is an accident, do not try to pull the cloth piece back;
    13. Frequently check whether the plate and the blanket are loose;
    14. Use correct lubricating tools and lubricants for maintenance work;
    15. The lubrication work should be carried out strictly and persistently;
    16. During maintenance and repair, the main power supply should be turned off to ensure that all parts are locked to avoid the risk of sudden falling;
    17. During the maintenance period for investment and purchase, a warning board should be placed at the power switch to prevent others from starting the Flat Screen Printing Machine.