Since Microsoft has released Microsoft Office 2013 Customer Preview, it has been a good time using the Office suite until now. I had been prompted about activating my installation of Office 2013 whenever I opened any Office app but I never cared about the warnings. But today the period has ended and now I must activate Office 2013 before using it further. So I have finally activated my Office 2013 installation and here are the steps that I have followed to activate MS Office 2013.

The above warning will come whenever you open any Office 2013 product with the count down of remain grace period to activate Office 2013.

  1. In the first step, you have to go to your Microsoft account to get the free product key of Office 2013 Customer Preview.
  2. Now open any Microsoft Office 2013 product which will come up with the above mentioned warning. You will need to click on the “Change Product Key” button and copy the product key you’ve got in step 1 here. Also check the checkbox which says “Attempt to automatically activate my product online”. Then click on the Install button to continue.
  3. Your account will be updated. Click on OK to continue.
  4. Now Microsoft Office Activation Wizard will open automatically. You can activate the software over the Internet because this is the only option available right now.
  5. You have successfully activated Microsoft Office 2013 and now you can continue using the Office suite.

If you are looking for volume license activate office 2013

The other remarkable features of Microsoft Office 2013 are given below-

  • First, for the ms word and excel, you will get subtle animation and flatter look of the Ribbon interface while you are writing or typing anything.
  • Second, in Microsoft outlook, the scheduled tasks have got a new visualization.
  • Third, the program designers have remodeled the start screen.
  • Fourth, new graphical options are available in ms word.
  • Fifth, one can freely move objects like images. You can snap them to the boundaries such as- document margins, paragraph edges, or column margin.
  • Sixth, support for integration for Skype, Skydrive, and Yammer is available.
  • Seventh, you can get support for and in Outlook.
  • Eighth, IMPA special folders supports are also available.
  • Ninth, PowerPoint 2013 now has new designs available in transitions, slide designs, and animation.
  • Tenth, Word, and PowerPoint are giving the users the freedom to return to the edited or the last view version of the file.
  • Eleventh, it is allowing the user to open PDF files in MS word.
  • Twelfth, OneDrive is giving free storage of 15 MB.
  • Thirteenth, there is available a read mode that is allowing one to read the documents without any distraction. It also protects your computer from any documents infected by a virus.
  • Fourteenth, the office tool has a system that can easily convert the documents into graphs and tables.
  • Fifteenth, creating, viewing, and saving documents in any format have become easy.

How to get product key for Microsoft Office 2013?

Before we get to know how to get product key for office 2013, people may ask how to get MS office 2013 in the first place. The ms office 2013 has been released many years back, and many new versions are available in the market. So to get ms office in 2013, you have to buy office 365 for both professional and home versions of that product from the Microsoft store.

This new one has 1tb cloud storage. So this means you can’t buy the old version of the ms office 2013. The only reason is MS wants you to use the latest version.

Still, you can buy the older one. You can download the software from the torrent website. But this may involve risks.

Now we can come to the best possible ways to get the product key for MS Office 2013. So you can find the procedure below.

If the ms office tool 2013 is pre-installed in your computer, then you will find the product key written holographic sticker attached to the computer. In this regard, it is relevant to know that you may get confused between the Office Product Key and the Windows Product Key. The uses have to use the Office Product key, not the other one. 

So the steps involved in doing are-

  • Step 1, the first step that involves activating Ms office tool 2013 in your PC is to download Belarc advisor. This particular advisor program is one of the best system information systems available in the market. Its efficiency as a key product finder is much better compared to the others.
  • Step 2, after the previous step, comes the next step where you have to do is install the Belarc advisor and then running it. It is important to remember while running the program. This does take time to gain all the information that your device has.
  • Step 3, for the activation process, one needs to have the software’s license. So, after the installation, you have to click on the software’s license link button. This button is available on the left margin of the program’s computer profile.
  • Step 4, here you have to look for Ms. Office 2013. Here one has to keep in mind that this advisor has the list containing the exact program or suite name. If the user needs the word 2013, then you have to look for the MS Word 2013.
  • Step 5, now you have to look at the series of numbers. There will be five characters, and it can be anything. Here we have to consider the five characters as the final five characters of the users’ MS office tool 2013 serial key. One important thing to mention is that the characters preceding the sentence are not the product key numbers.
  • Attached to this step, we would also like to mention that Belarc Advisor has not that much capability to find the complete product key for all the versions. The sole behind this is that it doesn’t exist in the new version of the office like it was during the older versions of office.
  • Step 6, now, as you have the final Office key, you can search for the respective string of characters on your device and also the mails. This will hopefully surface digital documentation that they might have on their purchase. If you don’t have any digital paper trail of your Office purchase, then this trick is not helpful for you.

Working Keys For MS Office 2013






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