This is the best time to apply quality times virtually to earn dollars and make your clients happier

One in three has the interest to be entrepreneur or businessman among the young generation of Bangladesh where about 66% are now youth whom ages mostly are under 35. The nation of Bangladesh is full of energy with such young generations what can contribute the world elevating ideas of businesses or innovations — stated by Skill Jobs

But one in three American workers freelanced the last year 2018 exposed according to the fifth annual “Freelancing in American” study from Upwork and Freelancers Union. It doesn’t mean that every freelancer – 56.7 million in the U. S., according to these statistics – worked for themselves full-time.

Freelancing now is an honorary career where one can employ them virtually or create business worldwide. Here one can compare his/her career as an entrepreneur but it, of course, can be a new term is “Virtual Entrepreneurship/ Solution” has a real satisfaction, fun, and freedom in lifestyle when one can ensure his earning source. The internet and technological applications engaged the need of clienteles managing the required human resources. Serving the clienteles’ small and big project under a virtual identity individually or facilitating the group.

If you would like to make your “Real Job” freelancing, you probably have found some thoughts to whether make your every moments profit financially.




Not time rather the transformation of human lifestyle to technological applications by the entrepreneurs facilitated to public users for easiest communications where 2/3rd percentages’ people of the world are now used to.

The most successful companies including fortune companies of the world are hiring Freelancers globally through online. As a result, the most successful freelancers who have been developing a trusted clientele are shaping an enterprise engaging new pool of experts. These Virtual Entrepreneurs are now leading the most trustworthy projects where they are making a million dollars.

Skills Cause Virtual Entrepreneurship?
No entrepreneurship does cause strong skills rather smart business communication and understanding the time befitting scopes are making a continuous difference in the market. There are two types of freelancers- one applies their expertise works individually and another who face the requirements of buyers engaging expert teams and delivers them successfully. But the startup freelancers who have been succeeding mostly started through a kind of skills.

Define a Market Your Services?
You all have friends who’ve embarked on side hustles only to discover the hobbies whether they necessarily are meant to be a career. The most scopes in hobbies take a professional solution when it takes in passion to find a career or because the profession is over saturated to the point where it’s impossible to make a career.

Figure Out Yourself to Freelance Full-time
If you think to freelance full-time, you obviously want to figure out whether there is a demand for your services before you quit your day job. Freelancing while you are working is also helpful in building up an emergency fund but it will not be right decision to leave your full/ part-time job until making your freelancing as an expert profession or virtual entrepreneurship.

Map Your Financial Situation
You ideally are going into a new career with some savings to tide you over until you start earning (receiving payment from clients which can take some time). It’s important to have a plan for your monthly budget before you begin.

Does Freelancing Pay Enough?
Assume yourself that you are going to start freelancing from a full-time job in the same field of your experts or services. You need to set your rate hourly. Compare your hourly salary to hourly rate what you are now making it. If you find your freelancing that it is making you full-fill in every aspect then you can start your freelancing business. To get an idea of what you should charge for your service you need to discuss the successful freelancers.

Organize Your Working Functions
One of the biggest obstacles for the new freelancers is that having no system. When you work for yourself, you’re working responsibly for keeping track of your works you have done, billing for your efforts, and paying taxes on your incomes. If you cannot prepare yourself to deal with these issues of freelancing, you might be better off sticking with your job.

Deal with a Quality Time Management
Freelancing full-time is not a real opinion for some people. They should have the routine of an office schedule to be productive. If you could comfortably sleep with a plan and aren’t good at your meeting deadlines then it is not a career path for you. It is important to understand what you need to be successful where time management is the most priority.

Ensure Your Flexibility
Freelancing is always changing the demands of the marketplace. The rates go up and down, clients appear and disappear, industry trends take over and then fade. Change is an exciting aspect of freelancing. You will never get bored. Sometimes it can also be scary even if you are a person who usually rolls with the punches.

The successful freelancers are not just hard workers and also creative. They are also flexible and re-silent. If you can adapt and cope with this, you can survive and even thrive in this challenging career but very fast growing.