As players complete more challenges in each of the various categories

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As players complete more challenges in each of the various categories — the stream showed 11 types, including Creative, Online, Expeditions, Racing, and Discovery — they’ll pick up more Accolades. It’s not clear if Accolades are required to unlock further events, but there’s also an XP levelling system, and you can see destructible “XP boards” in the stream.

That all leads to what creative director Mike Brown refers to as “snackability”. It encourages players to do the bits of the game they want or like the most, while also serving up information on what they need to do to complete certain sections. Brown also suggests that the team doesn’t expect any player to necessarily do everything in the game, but with just under 2,000 Accolades showing in this dev build we reckon a lot of players will take that challenge.Forza Horizon 5 Credits

There’s also a reworking of how the game’s car list is displayed, with a new sticker-album style look. This allows players to clearly see what cars they have and don’t have, and also the requirements necessary for acquiring them. Some might simply need the credits to buy — which you can now do directly in the Car Collection screen — while others could come from specific challenges.

Curiously the published list also includes vehicles not previously seen on the supposedly complete brand lists presented over the past few weeks, though we’re sure that this discrepancy will be resolved in due course. We’ll keep the list in the official GTPlanet Ultimate Guide to Forza Horizon 5 updated with the latest information.
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