The future of animation is mobile. Animation is used in all areas of our lives now and the only real limitation is one's imagination.

3D animation is the key to augmented reality and virtual reality. If you think these technologies will not mature for decades, think again. Google Glasses is one of many tested augmented reality solutions and will soon be available to consumers around the world. Augmented reality combines the physical world with a visualization device that overlays animations and 2D and 3D graphics, enhancing and adding what you can see with the naked eye.
Virtual reality is the ultimate test of 3D animation and has been on the wings for a long time. Virtual reality has been possible for a long time, but it has been limited by technological delays, limited mobility, heavy equipment, and other problems. These obstacles are falling quickly now. Sony has its own virtual reality headsets in action, and many others are developing new technologies, mobile features, and advanced technology. Virtual reality represents in many ways the future of 3D animation. It allows you to create an avatar and interact with other people in a totally virtual world, whether you’re fighting dragons on a fantastic RPG or learning advanced aesthetic surgical techniques in a new class.
3D Animation is an extremely interesting area, but we must not forget that it’s not just about fun and games. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to become a 3D computer animator. To become a professional animator, DIPTI (Daffodil International Professional Training Institute) is offering job-ready animation courses, and gets you prepared as per the 3D Animation Jobs In Bangladesh and around the world; explore the various online animation courses we have.