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The shadow of the past in the end shed on his body how deep the pain, will make him until today has been living in it, can not come out!

As I spoke, I picked up the teacup on the table and said, "Come on, you drink some water first, and then I'll drink some porridge for you!" I lifted Muqianli's head in my arm and put the teacup to the guy's mouth. Nope Mu Qianli closed his eyes feebly, shaking his head and spitting out a slight refusal. This guy just got out of a coma. He's not going to start a hunger strike again, is he? I looked at him with black lines and wanted to get angry again, but because I saw him lying in my arms, pale and weak, my anger receded again, and all turned into heartache. Alas. Is this guy wise enough to see that this girl has been eaten by him, so he will hone my endurance like this? I took a deep breath and said in a voice as soft as possible, "Be good. Let's drink some water first, shall we?"? Water is the source of life, as the most intelligent human primates, I think you should also know about this! We may not die for a while if we don't eat, but if we don't drink water, we'll die right away. I attached myself to Mu Qianli's ear and gave him a serious biology lesson. Tick-tock.. The clock on the wall saunters leisurely with its own little steps. Mu Qianli leaned in my arms, looking comfortable enough to fall asleep again. This guy.. It's not good to be soft. It's to force the girl to be hard again, right? I took the teacup to Mu Qianli's mouth, slowly tilted, and poured the water to his mouth. As a result, the water slipped down the corners of her mouth. The black line.. This guy, as expected,endless pool swim spa, is going to continue to escape reality by hunger strike this time! Mu Qianli, you must have done it on purpose. You tormented me on purpose, didn't you? You know it's because of me that you lost your long hair, so you want to show me coma and hunger strike, and you want me to feel guilty, right? I said angrily, "You cruel guy, you are determined not to drink, right?"? I'm telling you,outdoor hot tub, I want you to drink it. Not caring so much, I angrily took the teacup, took a mouthful of water in my mouth, then lowered my head, pressed his chin with my hand, leaned my mouth over, through the gap between his lips, poured the water in my mouth into him little by little.. "Water, water.." A murmur came from Muqianli's throat, and the next second, before I could react, a hand suddenly pressed my back and pressed me down. I gave a cry of surprise and opened my mouth wide carelessly. Mu Qianli's tongue seemed to have life, and at that moment, it got into my mouth flexibly. Mu, Qian, Li.. Boom! My head exploded. I was completely dumbfounded. Answer, garden jacuzzi tub ,american hot tub, kiss.. But also the heat index is close to the way to kiss the kiss! Me, me, me.. I groaned feebly, and my confused head did not know what to do. Do you want to shout for help? Or just push this guy out of the way? No, no, this guy's body will fall down when the wind blows, and if I push too hard, I might get hurt! But I just want to give this guy water, and my first kiss is for my future boyfriend. What to do? What to do? I obviously have someone I like in my heart. How can I do such intimate things with others? "Well, so sweet!" Just when my mind was in a mess, Mu Qianli's murmur sounded again, and then the next second, the guy even deepened the kiss. I I When I finally made up my mind to push Mu Qianli away, I found that all my strength seemed to have been drained, and I could only lean softly on Mu Qianli's arms. Why is this happening.. The person I obviously like is Qingci, how can I be so inexplicably occupied by others for the first kiss? A feeling of grievance rose from the bottom of my heart, and the next second, my tears fell silently from my eyes. Qingci. "Beauty." Tasting the tears on my lips, Mu Qianli's blurred eyes focused again and looked at me nervously, "Beauty, yes, I'm sorry!" Whoo, whoo. "Mu Qianli, you are a bastard!" Mu Qianli's apology made all the grievances in my heart burst out in an instant, and I knocked on his chest and shouted. Yeah, I'm sorry, I did.. I can't do anything right! I only make people I care about angry. 。” Mu Qianli bowed his head with a look of self-reproach and kept beating his head with his fist, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm a bastard, a hopeless bad guy, I only hurt people around me, I.." "Mu Qianli!" Just lost the first kiss of grievance, but how too late to look at such a fragile Mu Qianli when the heartache. This guy.. The shadow of the past in the end shed on his body how deep the pain, will make him until today has been living in it, can not come out! "No, a thousand miles!" I reached out and hugged his head and stopped him from torturing himself. "I cried because you didn't wake up just now. I was so scared that I thought I was going to lose you forever." "Beauty." Mu Qianli looked up at me in surprise, and the light of hope slowly converged in the depths of his eyes. The loveliest fool in the universe. Qianli, promise me not to torture yourself like this any more, will you? Come out of the shadow of the past, I believe your mother must want you to cheer up, and Qianxue, Shenyi, so many people who care about you are waiting for you. Thousands of miles, please find your true self and come back to us, OK? "Beauty.." Whoo, whoo.. Mu Qianli threw himself into my arms and cried loudly, "Thank you, thank you for saying that to me." I will come back, and I will find out who I really am for you. "Mmm." I laughed, and when Muqianli cried the loudest, I had clear tears on my face, but I laughed more happily than at any other time. Now that I had agreed to cheer up,hot tub spa manufacturers, the next day (Sunday), after breakfast at the herdsman's house, I took the herdsman Qianli to reform from beginning to end. Isn't there a saying that "change from the beginning".