Jianghu Yidan Skin

In her spare time, the little fairy smiled and said, "Young man, you have to practice hard to resist the wind and step on the clouds.

The beautiful young man actually echoed, "That's right. I've had this idea for a long time. This will save me trouble." "Oh?" Asked the little fairy in surprise? Are you here to smash the scene, too? The beautiful young man's face suddenly sank and he said in a cold voice, "Not to mention smashing the scene, even if I raze the Dragon Head River to the ground, I can do it. However, it's up to me to decide. It's not my brother's turn to make his own decisions." "Brother, did you hear that?" Xiaotian gloated. "They called you a chicken woman." Little fairy scolds: "Of his grandfather, you just are a chicken..." Impulsively, Xiaoxian almost scolded him for being a rooster, but she thought it was wrong. She would not suffer losses in that way. Fortunately, she stopped immediately and turned to the beautiful boy and said, "So, we have to apply for a fight, and wait for your approval!" "In the Longtou River, people are not allowed to fight and make trouble at all," said the handsome young man in an arrogant manner. "Did you say that?" Asked the little fairy. "Yes, that's what I said," said the beautiful boy proudly. "Either I misheard you, or you don't speak clearly," said the fairy disdainfully, "because it's not like what human beings say. Young man, I might as well tell you that it's the first time in my life that I've met a young man like you who doesn't know how to respect the old and respect the virtuous. He dares to speak rudely to his face." The beautiful young man was stunned. "How old are you?" He asked in surprise. Xiaoxian casually rubbed her nose and said, "Well.." If you're not in your seventies or eighties, it's almost the same. "As long as you live long enough, there will always be that day," added Xiaotian, who could hardly help laughing. The fairy added, "Unless you don't want to live." The beautiful young man moved forward slowly at his feet, but his whole body was as motionless as the wind. Seeing Xiaotian and Xiaoxian, he couldn't help being surprised and couldn't see what kind of kungfu it was. Xiaoxian,304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel, in particular, liked to listen to ghost stories in Xiaoyao Villa when she was young. She thought to herself, "I heard that ghosts walk without touching the ground. Is this boy.." "Don't make a fuss," said the beautiful young man. "This is just the way to resist the wind and step on the clouds in the East China Sea. You don't even have this insight. How dare you come to the Longtou River to make trouble? You don't know whether you are alive or dead." Xiaoyao Villa is indeed one of the four masters in Jianghu. Xiaoxian's family has profound knowledge. He immediately said without hesitation: "In the past hundred years, the martial arts of the East China Sea have declined. Thirty years ago, a guy who called himself the Dragon of the East China Sea appeared. He threatened to conquer the Central Plains Wulin with his original method of stepping on clouds and invisible magic boxing. However, his brother played a joke on everyone and scattered Wulin stickers." Invite the nine sects and the world's martial arts elites to go to Mount Tai to watch the sun peak for a while. On the appointed day, hundreds of people from various sects arrived. They waited from sunrise to sunset, but they didn't see him. This man was not only a scalper, but also never showed up again. It's not interesting to fight. Think about it, Miaozi is easy to cheat. He slipped here to open a casino? "You know a lot," the beautiful boy snorted coldly. "Of course," said Xiaoxian proudly. "So I guessed it?" Unexpectedly, the beautiful young man sneered and said, "The guess is almost the same, 304 Stainless Steel Sheet ,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet, but the difference is only a million miles!" Xiaoxian lost her smile. She rubbed her nose and scratched her head. "My old man always expects things like a God," she said. "How come this time.." The beautiful boy's face suddenly sank and he was full of murder. "You didn't even know how you died this time!" He said. When Xiaoxian heard this, she burst out laughing. Xiaotian also laughed, but Uma, who was standing far away, was so frightened that her legs were weak. Fortunately, there was a gambling table beside her, so she quickly reached out to hold it and did not fall down. "What are you laughing at?" The beautiful boy asked angrily. The little fairy stopped laughing and said, "Now I know how I would die if I were to die." "Do you know how he died?" Asked the beautiful boy. "Laugh to death!" Xiaoxian laughed again, as if she had won the first prize. Xiaotian laughed even more, bent over with laughter, and laughed out of breath. He shook his hands and said, "Brother, if you do good deeds, please forgive me. If you continue to laugh, I will really laugh to death!"! Hehehe. Ha ha ha The beautiful boy was so angry that his face turned green. In the angry hum, suddenly Shi Yufeng stepped on the cloud body method, dazzling eyes have been in front of Xiaoxian, hand like electricity, a palm straight split her left shoulder. Xiaoxian is not in a hurry to fight back, she is competitive, determined to skim the surface, fight against the wind and step on the clouds. Beautiful young people are fast enough in both posture and palm, as fast as lightning, but Xiaoxian's superficial posture is even more mysterious and weird, not to mention fast. I saw her body shaking slightly, and she had disappeared. This face to face, has made the United States young secretly surprised unceasingly, can not see the eyes of the "old man", really has two brushes. As the saying goes, I dare not go to Liangshan without three parts. If not for their unique skills, how dare they run to the Longtou River to make trouble, that is not plucking the tiger's mouth? Needless to say, both palms of the beautiful boy failed. But he was so quick to respond that he stopped his hair and turned around at the same time, which was not to show his graceful posture, but to show his eagerness to find the enemy and identify the target. He finally found that Xiaoxian was behind him. Of course, as soon as he turned around, the two sides just became face-to-face. In her spare time, the little fairy smiled and said, "Young man, you have to practice hard to resist the wind and step on the clouds." How old was she herself? She was so old that she called a young man on the left and a young man on the right, as if she were really in her seventies and eighties. In fact, the beautiful young man really could not see how old the old man was. Because he knew that the boy's skill in martial arts was to make people stay young forever. He could not judge people by their appearance, and it was impossible to estimate their actual age from their appearance. "Are you the leader of the Beggars' Sect?" The beautiful young man exclaimed. Xiaoxian caught the chance of revenge: "Almost, only a million miles away." The beautiful young man looked at Xiaoxian again. He thought he was smart and said, "I know. Are you Ding Dakong, a drunken dragon and mad beggar?" "It's closer this time," said the little fairy. "It's only 99999 and a half." But the beautiful young man said, "Hey, you don't have to deny it. Apart from the ten bags of the leader of the Beggars' Sect,Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe, there is only one elder in the nine bags. He is Drunken Dragon Mad Beggar Ding Dakong. Besides, you are not only mad, but you have just used the skim method. Who is not Madman Ding.." 。 sxthsteel.com