A flowery day

Great, I was just thinking about her." "This young girl dressed in Rouge is the protagonist of today's birthday celebration

"My daughter is like a flower. A few years ago, she had a serious illness in Wuzhou and came to Beijing to cure her illness. Although she was given a wonderful hand by the'divine teacher ', she has not been able to get better, and her body is always good and bad.". Later, because my father-in-law was kind to the disciple of the'divine teacher 'in his early years, he reluctantly asked the Taoist to let my daughter rest in a courtyard on the mountain. "The beautiful mother calmly said what she had said to the outside world earlier." I see. My cousin is really blessed. Princess Yan nodded and said, "It's a great opportunity to let the'Divine Master 'ask for help. It's even more fortunate to let the disciples of the'Divine Master', Ming and the Taoist Priest, come to recuperate.". I wonder if my cousin's illness is better now? "Thank you, Princess, for your concern. Thanks to you, the civilian women are not very good, but they are a little better than before." Ruhua answered carefully with strange eyes all over the room. Since my cousin is familiar with Ming and Taoist, I have something to ask for. Concubine Yan said. As soon as Ruhua heard her tone, she knew that although she didn't know what she was up to, it would never be a good thing. She quickly interjected, "The princess doesn't know anything. Although the civilian girl has been convalescing in the mountains all the year round, the medicine she uses is indeed the prescription prescribed by the Taoist Priest Minghe.". But Minnu and Taoist are not familiar with each other. The Taoist Priest only took the pulse and changed the prescription for Minnu every six months, but he didn't even speak to Minnu. The princess has sent the civilian girl to try her best to finish it, but if what the princess said is related to Ming and Taoist,Magnesium Sulphate producer, she will ask the princess to forgive her. As soon as Ruhua's words came out, the whole hall fell into a kind of eerie silence, and only a few sounds of teacups could be heard for a while. After a while, Concubine Yan said, "In that case, I won't force my cousin." "The flower is too young to speak, but if there is any offense to the princess, please forgive her." The beautiful woman said respectfully,Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer, and then she gave a blessing to Princess Yan in the hall, and pulled Ruhua back to the side of Guogong's wife. The liveliness of the beginning was resumed in the hall. It was Mrs. Guogong who looked at Ruhua thoughtfully. Willow, you take Miss Ruhua to the autumn garden to play with other young ladies. Guogong's wife said to a maid behind her. Ruhua knew that this cheap grandmother was going to talk business with her mother, so she got up and took Hongling to follow the maid named Yang Liu to the side hall. Listen to the voice of Guogong's wife behind you: "Xuaner, how about what I told you at home that day?"? What your father-in-law means is. Ruhua knew that what she asked her mother must have been about the marriage of the Xiao and Ye families that day, and Ruhua, who knew that it would never happen, smiled for the first time today. Only then did she think of something and ask the leading willow, "Sister willow, who is Princess Yan?" The maid, whose name was Yang Liu, said in surprise, What's the matter? She's your cousin, too. Don't you know, Magnesium Oxide MgO ,Magnesium Oxide powder, Miss Ruhua? "I usually convalesce in the mountains, and the days at home are very short, and there are many relatives at home, so I often don't know very well." Ruhua is really a little embarrassed this time. Because of the situation of the relatives here yesterday, the beauty's mother seemed to have told her, but at that time she was grabbing the newly baked snacks with her second brother, and she didn't listen at all. Princess Yan is the eldest daughter of the eldest brother of the Xiao family, the empress. She is a cousin of Miss Jingyu, who was born today. Her maiden name is Jingzhen. Three years later, she married Feng Chongshi, the King of Yan, who was born by Luo Shufei, as the imperial concubine. Willow Road. Since she was the niece of the empress, why didn't she marry the prince born to the empress? Ruhua said curiously. You don't even know that? The spirit of the Eight Diagrams of Yang Liu was thoroughly brought into play: "Our royal family of the Wei Dynasty has rules on marriage, that is, all princes and grandsons cannot marry matrilineal women as concubines.". So the empress's prince naturally can't marry the daughter of the Xiao family as a concubine, not to mention that the empress's prince is only six years old this year, and it's even more impossible to marry Miss Jingzhen of the Xiao family. So, Ruhua was suddenly enlightened. No wonder Feng Chongye didn't marry the daughter of the Qin family as the imperial concubine, but I heard that he married a daughter of the side branch of the Cheng family as the side imperial concubine. Ah, Miss Ruhua, here we are. Willow Road. While they were gossiping, they unconsciously arrived at the entrance of a small garden. A refreshing sweet-scented osmanthus fragrance came from a small garden, which made Ruhua feel refreshed. Many sweet-scented osmanthus trees were planted in the small garden named "Autumn Garden", and many beige sweet-scented osmanthus trees fell on the path in the garden. A burst of laughter came from the pavilion in the center of the garden. "Second Miss, Third Miss, the eldest Miss has come back, and Madame has asked me to invite you over." A young woman said to a pair of thirteen or fourteen young girls in the pavilion. Is the elder sister here? One of the girls, dressed in carmine, put down her black chess pieces and stood up. Yes, the young lady is talking with her relatives in the Lanxin Hall. That's why Madame asked me to invite the two ladies to meet. "Great, I was just thinking about her." "This young girl dressed in Rouge is the protagonist of today's birthday celebration, Xiao Jingyu, the third Miss of the Xiao family." "Second Sister, what are you doing? Why don't you come with me?" Hsiao Ching-yu said to one of the girls, who was holding embroidered flowers and dressed in light pink clothes. Then she said to the other girls who were playing, "My sister, who has become Princess Yan, is here. I'll go and have a look first. I'll come back later to accompany you." The girl, who was called "Second Sister" by her, immediately put the embroidery and needle and thread in her hands aside in a panic, and got up and followed her sister out of the garden. "Ruhua and Hsiao Ching-yu, one of whom went into the garden and the other out of it, met on a path." Who are you? Whose sister is it? Xiao Jingyu looked at Ruhua and asked. Third Miss, this is the second Miss of the Ye family,magnesium nitrate hexahydrate, Miss Ye Ruhua. "Today I came to celebrate your birthday with the two ladies of the Ye family." Replied the woman who had come to invite her to the reception hall. I asked who it was, so it was you. Xiao Jingyu said, "It's rare that you will come to live for me." 。 stargrace-magnesite.com