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Happy Cactus HouseHappy Cactus HouseHappy Cactus House

Dressed in a beautiful and ladylike Hanbok, I combed my hair very meekly. My mother gently gave me a layer of light makeup. Alas, I looked in the mirror and could hardly recognize myself. I knew I was always born beautiful, but if I said that beautiful was like a classical lady coming out of a painting, I really couldn't believe it. But the fact is the fact, I am really beautiful as a fairy! hoho! I set off early in the morning, and my mother drove. She is also a noble Hanbok, really awesome, wearing this kind of clothes can also drive, ha ha, worthy of my mother. To Dongshan Anshi's ancestral home, I have been gently smiling, low eyebrows and eyes, to maintain the image of a lady, but in fact my heart is so nervous! What if it's brother Xinzhe? No one can tell me the answer. Cui Mingzhi's figure is always dangling in my mind. I'm going crazy. Just walked into the courtyard, a figure walked into the house, I, I, I am not wrong? It's brother Xin Zhe! It's really brother Xin Zhe! The figure just now is definitely him! But I am not happy at all, even though the Hanbok on my body is bright and beautiful, the makeup on my face is bright and lovely, but my mood is as dark as the oil well in Iraq. I'm sure I don't want to get engaged with brother Xin Zhe! Very, very much not! "Don't be rude for a while!" My mother lowered her head gently and told me in my ear. I see Although the mood is slightly depressed, but on the surface or to perform well, I can only giggle, really giggle, because I do not know how to face. My head was in a mess, and I kept thinking about a question, if I refused this engagement, what a tragic end I would have? As long as it's within my tolerance. Maybe you can give it a try! The door of the inner hall clattered open. There were a lot of people sitting in the inner hall, and the corners of my eyes were slightly raised, and I secretly swept the people in the inner hall. Brother Xin Zhe is wearing his trademark smile, passing the tenderness in his eyes to me. Alas, I sighed a long sigh in my heart, if it was before, maybe I would have jumped on it excitedly, but now, I can't lift my spirits at all, because the engagement object is not what I want! Shall I run away now? Turn around and run? No, if mom catches me, she might break my leg.. So what should I do? I'm freaking out! Calm down, Han Caizhu, you are a lady of a good family, you are a lady of a famous family, you can't be so flustered, Inflatable bouncer , you must calm down! "Colorful beads?" Mother whispered to her ear. Ah? What's wrong I came to my senses, and now is not the time to think. What's wrong My mother glared at me and rolled her eyes in the direction of the inner hall. Ah! I'm an idiot! There were so many seniors waiting for me in the inner hall, but I stood at the door in a daze? Sweat I smiled apologetically at the seniors in the inner hall, and then stepped gently into the inner hall. Damn, I'm so flustered now that I can't calm down at all. Thank you for waiting. The mother smiled gracefully. Cut! The most ladylike person in the world is here! The elders in the inner hall smiled approvingly and looked me up and down. Even brother Xinzhe gave me an appreciative look, as if to say that you are really beautiful today. But, but I don't want to let the elders have a good impression on me, ah, I want to destroy today's engagement, I don't want to engage with brother Xin Zhe! In the face of the eyes of the elders, as well as the bad plan formed in my heart, my heart has been nervous to stop beating! My mother gently tugged at my sleeve and motioned me to salute. No matter how contradictory I am now, being rude seems to be a very foolish choice, so I have to squat slowly with my hands on my eyebrows and shoulders flat, and perform standard Korean etiquette. After saluting, I was even more nervous, time is money, I must in the shortest possible time, come up with a way to immediately destroy the engagement, and do not lose dignity! It seems that such a method is hard to think of. Sitting in the main hall, the kind grandmother pointed to Anxinzhe: "This is my grandson, Anxinzhe, you know each other.". ” I sent brother Xin Zhe a smile that was uglier than crying. I couldn't help it. I couldn't be happy! Brother Xin Zhe politely returned the salute to me. Grandma looked at me and kept laughing: "What a beautiful granddaughter-in-law! It's a blessing for our family to marry into our family." "Oh, thank you for your praise." Mother's face a false smile to the grandmother's respectful jaw. And I'm sitting next to you with my head full of ideas. Besides what to do, or what to do? A series of question marks and exclamation points were swimming in my mind, and I was about to collapse. At this time, my mother suddenly pulled my clothes: "Go to offer tea to the elders." I suddenly came to the spirit, tea? Ha-ha! Mom asked me to offer tea. Isn't this the opportunity? It is simply to want to break the head without thinking, get all effortless! Hum! A bad idea formed in my mind in an instant, engagement, I think there is no hope today. Brother Xin Zhe, don't blame me. Anyway, you like Bai Jingya. If you insist on being tied up with me, you won't be happy, right? I secretly looked up at brother Xin Zhe. This guy was still sitting there as steady as Mount Tai. I was really convinced by him. Taking a pot of green tea from the outer hall, I walked slowly to the inner hall with a plate. In fact, my heart was about to blossom, the show was about to be staged, and my plot was about to succeed! The door of the inner hall opened, I smiled, holding the plate in one hand, holding the side of the plate in the other hand, and the beautiful tea pot was placed safely on the plate. Poor teapot, you can't imagine that your fate is to die tragically at my hands, can you? Alas, remember to find a kind master next time you are reincarnated. I took a gentle step, and.. I accidentally stepped on my skirt. Alas, poor Korean clothes, you can be wronged. "Ah-" I deliberately screamed in a low voice,Inflatable indoor park, and then fell into the inner hall. Goodbye to the poor teapot, goodbye to the gentle brother Xinzhe, and don't be angry with the barbaric mother. I'm coming!. joyshineinflatables.com