Doomsday super merchants

Doomsday super merchantsDoomsday super merchantsDoomsday super merchants

Reconnaissance airship, or the way to use the mother and son, the volume is only one third of the original mother and son airship, but it carries unmanned reconnaissance aircraft. But it reached six, twice as many as the mother and son reconnaissance airships. The 2 reconnaissance airship, which uses catapult launch mode, does not need to go to the runway, and will use suction cup mode when recovering. The unmanned reconnaissance aircraft is absorbed in the suction cup, then recovered to the cabin, and then installed on the ejection rack again under the mechanical transmission. The exhibition of the Chamber of Commerce can really be described as changing with each passing day. From the Spring Festival to the present, the comprehensive use of all kinds of talents and the increasingly mature research of science and technology. More like a God. The Chamber of Commerce's use of airships occupies a high proportion, and it is the airships that support the operation of the entire Chamber of Commerce. So the application and research of science and technology. The airship manufacturing technology exhibition and the Air Force fighter plane research exhibition are the same, both of which are the two most important scientific and technological research and manufacturing of the Chamber of Commerce. The combination of a large number of reconnaissance airships, unmanned reconnaissance aircraft, air fighter patrol formations, and ground patrol forces has provided sufficient security for the Chamber of Commerce. It had only been in service for less than a week, and the astringent reconnaissance airship,Inflatable water obstacle course, numbered Milk, shuttled through the air of the wasteland. Ugly. Cruising at high altitude, every part of it can be clearly seen from the ground. It has only one motive to work, and there is hardly any noise coming out, and the cruising speed of 100 kilometers per hour makes it look very leisurely. With the creation of the Ministry of Information on intelligent systems, these behemoths in the Chamber of Commerce need fewer and fewer airship crew, almost fully automatic two reconnaissance airships,inflatable water slide, but only two crew members. Zhou yuanqiang's intelligent system, which has been waiting for more than a year, is already being tested. If there is no accident, it will take about half a year to complete all the testing work and become the intelligent core of the Chamber of Commerce, replacing more employees and releasing more labor force. There are too few people in the end of the world, and many factories and units need a lot of labor. To solve this problem, it is not possible to have money. Naturally, Chen Wenbo has been studying the open intelligent program system, which is naturally the first excellent target of the Chamber of Commerce. I believe that in the near future, the whole operation of the Chamber of Commerce. Began to enter the era of intelligence, the factory has intelligent program machine control. More intelligent use will give people work. Travel, family and so on, inflatable bounce house with slide ,inflatable floating water park, make important changes. Intelligent program systems and crystalline energy are all showing people that in the near future, human beings will enter the era of intelligence and new energy. Just like in science fiction movies, there are all kinds of high-tech, which bring more changes to human beings. So will the opening of the universe be a dream? Of course, that's a bit of a stretch. It's too far away to achieve this. Kounai 2 recon airship is in position. Request the release of two unmanned reconnaissance aircraft with shudders and knives. Reconnaissance mission, over! "Intelligence Group 5 received and agreed to release the unmanned reconnaissance aircraft with wound and knife numbers, and agreed to release the unmanned reconnaissance aircraft with absolute and knife numbers." “。 Reconnaissance airship number two, copy! With the end of a group of dialogues, two alloy plates slowly landed on the left side of the pod of the reconnaissance airship, and two unmanned reconnaissance aircraft were pushed out, and with the ejection, they suddenly broke away from the mother body of the reconnaissance airship. Start the ignition within seconds of the ejection. Under the work of the propeller, it quickly balances its own flight level. Under the work of the intelligent program, according to the reconnaissance program finalized by the reconnaissance airship, it jumps down to the black line appearing on the horizon below. The shooting was complete. The reconnaissance airship began to lift off slowly again. He controlled his own suspension height at the high altitude of Gongmi, and began to receive real-time reconnaissance information from two unmanned reconnaissance aircraft, Xu and Dao. Like a transit station again. Back to the five groups in charge of this reconnaissance airship in the Ministry of Intelligence. And an old reconnaissance airship deployed here in the early days, when this two reconnaissance airship began to work, it received orders and began to return. A reconnaissance mission was conducted for a week. Has reached its maximum hover time. It is necessary to return to the airship manufacturing plant of the Chamber of Commerce for maintenance and replenishment of the lost helium. Knife-numbered unmanned reconnaissance aircraft can reach up to 100 kilometers per hour, but its small size makes its endurance very poor, and its duration will not be very long. It can only be used to carry out missions on the parent reconnaissance airship, using the endurance of the airship to make up for its shortcomings. The Aircraft Research and Design Department is already working on a new unmanned reconnaissance aircraft, which will consider using the intelligent program system of the Information Department, and the design goal will be a maximum range of five kilometers. This is a big challenge for the Aircraft Research and Design Department. Moreover, the new reconnaissance technology in the design also needs to be tackled. In short, there are many difficulties. It is about one kilometer away from Qingyuan City. It is the boundary between the wilderness and the mountains. The wasteland here. Strictly speaking, it can not be regarded as a wasteland, and it is more appropriate to call it a grassland. With the arrival of spring, the grass here is green. It's like a prairie. Farther mountains, green trees, and endless overlapping peaks. Make up a. Huge mountains. This mountain range is somewhat similar to the big mountain range leading to Tianzhou City, but it is more extensive here. It spans nearly two hundred kilometers. It is also the gateway to Maple Town, where a railroad and several high roads cross the mountain range. From time to time, high-voltage wires like iron towers appear on the peaks of the mountains. From time to time, we can see that in the mountains, there are already dilapidated villages. The knife number unmanned reconnaissance loose degree is under no threat, just using the cruise to move forward. It flew over the green grass like a prairie. Below like waves of zombies wandering in the green grass. And this position of a high road, like a drain, countless zombies moving on the high road, they surge toward the wasteland. On the highway,Inflatable indoor park, in the mountains. It's all their ubiquitous presence. The camera of the reconnaissance plane is working, filming everything below, using the communication system carried by the reconnaissance airship itself. Transmitting these images.