One half of the evil emperor

One half of the evil emperorOne half of the evil emperor

"How.". You want to break the treaty again? Look up at the air in the sky. Sunshine knows someone doesn't want him offline. Sure enough. A familiar and indifferent voice came from the sky. But with a trace of puzzlement and anxiety: "Why?" Are you here for Gu Xichao? Sunlight looked at the sky slowly in the wake of the night, some helpless. It's only been two years, and human emotions have evolved? "Brahma needs balance.". Business opportunities need war, so I will not allow one to dominate. Seeing the trend of "I will never let you go offline if you don't explain", the sunshine sighed faintly and had to tell him the reason. But I will! Remnant night does not know what balance force, he only knows sunshine to deal with Gu Xichao, and he does not allow! I'm afraid I don't know until now that I have humanized myself to such an extent. (7wwwcom) knows how to guard. Then I'll leave him with nothing. The sun gazed up at the waning night. Did he really not understand? Once one is dominant, other countries will directly use political means to exert pressure, and the result will naturally be that the dominant one is excluded and has nothing. Because you have to guard them, you can't let them monopolize the night. Don't you understand the truth that ordinary people are innocent and guilty? "How dare you!" Why don't I dare? No matter how powerful Gu Xichao is, he will be moved. Once moved, do you think he can be as indifferent as he is now? Sunshine is a little impatient, with his present body, staying in Brahma for a long time will make his function decline, maybe he will have a headache for a while after getting off the line. However, he was gratified to see such a stubborn and lovely remnant night. "However, your vision is really good, and you deserve to be made by your father.". As high as my eyes. "Humph." The waning night is silent. Obviously thought of something, let the figure of the sun gradually fade. Sunshine. The guy who believes too much in human nature and his own calculation forgets that there is a passion called blood in the world, and that a group of simple NPCs are also promoting the development of Brahma. In the player,Inflatable water park on lake, he is called the man who creates miracles, and in the NPC word of mouth, he is the closest man to God. Gu Xichao. Who can play with such existence? Sunshine, you have done your best, but you have forgotten to count the power of the people. In the 112th year of the Brahma calendar, the message of Gu Xichao Tongli, which flowed out of the island where the gods were left behind,Inflatable outdoor park, was ignored by all the Gu factions. Similarly, the NPCs who had received Gu Xichao's favor were also expressing their firmness in their own way. To tell you, that Gu Xichao is actually a rabbit master! Before the wretched man had finished speaking, the chef in the restaurant knocked a spoon on his head and hurriedly covered his head and shouted, "What are you doing?!"! Did the NPC rebel? "What for?" The chef and all the shopkeepers stood in a row and snorted, "Get out, people who blaspheme the family are not welcome here!" Pa Pa, the man's salute was thrown out by the waiter. Hey, what? Eun, hey! Where can I find a second hotel in this wilderness? The man cursed for a while, but when he saw that he still couldn't get into the door of the hotel, he had to sit on the threshold and wait for the passing carriage. Coincidentally, a carriage carrying goods clattered to the hotel, replenished a few hot steamed buns, inflatable air dancer ,Inflatable meltdown, and prepared to move on. Hey, little brother, can you give me a ride? Can I give money? The man licked his face and fawned on the driver. "The people of the hotel won't let me in. They say I'm desecrating their home." The driver originally saw the silver smiling and was about to promise, but when he heard the man say blasphemous words, he immediately changed his face: "Hum, just you?"? Sleep on the grass! Our family is so good to us that we will never take care of people who insult our family! With that, he drove away in his carriage. Leaving only one silly and wretched male player. What's wrong with Brahma? At the same time, Gu Xichao, who was sitting in the room listening to Garros and Zhan Shaoang's report, finally laughed after hearing the system prompt. Ding: "You trigger the hidden plot task, NPC's guardian." Shaoang, I'll get off the line to study piano, chess, calligraphy and painting. You take Garros to spread rumors about my escape, so that the odds of the bet can be further reduced, and then buy me to win. "Holding the bug that Fu Ruoya thought Gu Xichao was sticking to his body, Gu Xichao smiled very brightly. After saying this, he let go of his hand and let the bug continue to work:" Shao Ang, do you hate me, too? " Holding back a smile, Zhan Shaoang watched Gu Xichao get off the line. Then he put the bug under Gu Xichao's pillow and answered, "Your Highness, you let me down.." Freya, Freya, do you think you're better informed than we are because you have a bug? We have such a huge and invincible bug as the mastermind Brahma. Zhan Shao Angalos chuckled and walked out of Gu Xichao's room. How was my performance last night? "I played the best!" Bullshit, what did you do? Is Yin Tian the best actor? "Yin Tian is not acting!"! Shanshan is not acting either! "Well, I was really shocked by General Manager Li's performance." The voice gradually went away, and Gu Xi, who was lying on the bed, slightly raised the corners of his mouth. Froya, let's see who is the real chess player. Chapter 74 temptation Out of the virtual warehouse, glass rubbed the faint swelling of the temple, apparently caused by the recent excessive use of the brain, this time everything happened is her own arrangement, in order to know the purpose of the sun. (7wwwCOM) Since the round table of three people, she wondered why the sunshine could be buried so deep, and it was impossible that a person with hidden strength could be found by Brahma Company and packaged as a star. If what he wants is fame, his strength will not be hidden before. If he doesn't want fame, why does he agree to propaganda? Moreover, Gu Xichao sensitively noticed a point that Chi Yaoyang did not notice, when talking about conditions, it was the opening of the sun that blocked his side's first chance. Later, on the night of the confession, she was also told the identity of Sunshine,Jumping castle with slide, one of the creators of Brahma's intelligent program. So she couldn't wait to find out what the real purpose of the sunshine was, and apparently, she succeeded.