Reborn Superstar (1)

Reborn Superstar (1)Reborn Superstar (1)Reborn Superstar (1)

According to the script, Meiyu accurately carried out forward rolls and side somersaults, and then the director should stop and enter the next scene shooting, but she did not hear the director's order. Mei Ting tried to maintain her balance in midair and looked in the direction of the director. At a glance, she saw Cheng Wan, who was laughing and trembling beside the director. The assistant director hurried up and whispered a few words in the director's ear. Only then did the director notice Mei Ting, who had stopped moving. The director immediately stood up and shouted unhappily, "Stop what? Who told you to stop? Reshoot!" " With that, the director sat down, still cursing in his mouth and shouting: "There is such an actor who thinks he is a big shot and wastes the achievements of all the staff casually, so that everyone is busy in vain." Mei Yu's face turned white. She didn't say anything. She just adjusted her body silently and prepared for the next round of shooting. In the crew, unless you are an international superstar, or obediently obey the director's orders, the director is the local emperor in the crew, a second-rate starlet, or untouchable. It happens from time to time that the role is changed in the middle of the shooting. As long as it is claimed that the schedule is not suitable and that someone is playing a big card, in this circle, it is always easier to discredit a person than to make a person popular. Cold sweat began to break out on Meiyu's forehead. The director did not call for a start. She could only hang in midair all the time. Her chest was very stuffy. She had this symptom a long time ago. She had been afraid to see a doctor. Her parents died of heart disease. She suspected that it was a family heredity. Her parents had always hoped that she would settle down as soon as possible and find a well-off family to marry and have children, but she always wanted to take a trophy to comfort herself after so many years of hard work. Her parents, who had been with her all the time, finally left in their grave. Mei Yu looked at the lower and lower ground, seemed to see the face of her parents, she was confused to think,x56 line pipe, this is how? From the ear came the screams of the crew: "The wire is broken, quick, safety cushion!" a href = Qidian Chinese Network welcomes friends to visit and read, the latest, fastest and most popular serial works are all in Qidian Original! 02 New identity Updated July 4, 2011 20:53:00 Words: 2027 There seemed to be countless little people fighting in Meiyu's head, which made her brain buzz. She opened her eyes painfully and shouted: "Quiet, quiet!" Her roar,347 stainless steel, listening to only a low groan in her ears, the plum rain was slightly stunned, and a torrent of information gushed out from the depths of her head in an instant, like a fountain suddenly emerging from the barren sand, washing away all her common sense in a moment. Gradually understanding the hidden meaning of the message in her mind, Meiyu raised his hands in disbelief and stared at the slightly slender hands in front of him. Meiyu had no doubt that the white and nearly transparent hands should belong to the girl named Ange, not her. The fingers of these hands are long, and the skin is so delicate that you can't see a pore. Her hands are also very beautiful, but after years of action movies, they are covered with calluses, and the joints are slightly deformed. Far less than the delicate and beautiful hands of this pair of works of art in front of us. The plum rain trembles the hand to touch to own face again, the hand is smooth and elastic, this is definitely not her face, her face because of the perennial outdoor filming, is honed by the wind and sand very rough, no matter how to maintain, x52 line pipe ,316l stainless steel pipe, with the passage of time, the skin gradually aging, every time filming, can only put on very heavy makeup to cover up. The makeup artist once told her regretfully: "Even if you do some basic care every day when you first enter the industry, your skin will not be so bad." Meiyu smiled bitterly. When she first entered the industry, she was young and stayed up all night. After casual work, she went to the stall to eat barbecue and drink beer with others. She was also praised as a female hero. The next day, she didn't even have a black eye. She really thought she was a natural beauty. Mei Yu was stunned for a while, and her head was slightly dizzy. She slid down the pillow, stretched out her hand, and was stunned again. Still not used to such a beautiful hand growing on her body, she pulled the quilt up, closed her eyes, and began to sort out the information she got. Ange's parents divorced when she was young, and her father and mother were both successful in their careers, and then they set up their own families, which made young Ange suffer a lot and developed her introverted personality. After finishing junior high school, she dropped out of school and now lives alone in a luxury house her parents bought for her. Every month, her father and mother would put 500,000 yuan into her account, and if it was not enough, she could ask for more. Unfortunately, Ange can't get what she wants most. Her father and mother rarely see each other for many years. She uses money to do some strange things to attract her parents'attention, such as smashing shops, such as mingling in bars. Every time her parents use money to settle it, the young girl becomes more and more desperate. This time, she used money to buy the role of a servant girl in a third-rate crew, calling a group of friends to celebrate for her, those friends probably in order to please her, even took out HIGH pills to coax her to eat. Her body is very weak, so big medicine simply can not accept, not long after taking the pill, she fell into a coma, the so-called friend ran away without loyalty, or was found by the boss of PUB, panicked and sent to the hospital. Her parents, on the other hand, only put enough medical expenses into the hospital's account, and did not even come to see her once. Plum rain can feel the girl's despair of the world, her right hand stands up, looking at the faint blue blood vessels above, in the almost translucent white skin against the background, the beauty is amazing. Mei Yu raised the corners of her mouth, and since Ange didn't want to live any longer, let her take over from the girl and live well. Such parents, do not matter, she does not want to get involved with them, in the future, on their own to start again. This body is really very weak, so awake for a while,316 stainless steel plate, Meiyu has felt exhausted, a pair of eyelids heavy as if filled with lead, Meiyu soon fell asleep.