Zhao Xiaohan of Rebirth rushes forward

Zhao Xiaohan of Rebirth rushes forwardZhao Xiaohan of Rebirth rushes forward

Looking at the old money busy figure, Xiaohan's heart is also astringent, in fact, the old money is really a good man, but also a good old man, Li Su in addition to not let her work, nothing else to say, never say a harsh word to her, do not let her do a little heavy work. After seeing her teach Xiaohan, she was much happier, so she let Li Su go to Xiaohan's house after breakfast every day, and she was very kind to Xiaohan. Such a man, if it is placed in future generations, it is absolutely a model husband, but now, I think everyone will not think so? Thinking that Li Su might leave Lao Qian in the future, and that Lao Qian would be alone, Xiao Han's heart was blocked. The key is that according to her mother, she met Li Su in Urumqi when she returned to her hometown in Shandong, and Li Su did not have a good life. The man who eloped with her did not marry her later. When her mother met her, she was single and her face was old and haggard. She told her mother that she regretted her choice and that she had not got the happiness she wanted and ruined her life. But this time because of the arrival of Xiaohan, can she change her fate? Although Xiaohan also felt that Lao Qian was not worthy of Li Su, but at least Lao Qian really loved Li Su, compared to a lonely regret, it is better to have a person who loves himself to take care of him carefully. Let your heart have a harbor to dock. Well, I must stop Aunt Li Su from making mistakes,Brushless Gear Motor, and I must stop her from going the wrong way. Su Su, Xiao Han, it's time to eat. "When Xiao Han was thinking about it, he heard the old money's call." Uncle Qian, the food you cooked tastes really good. "Xiao Han ate it with a vague whine in his mouth." Then you will often come to eat in the future, and uncle likes to be lively at home. Old money looked at Xiaohan and Li Su have to eat so with relish, the heart is also very happy. In other words, the old money love his wife is really not to say, Li Su aunt likes to eat pull and mix bean jelly,Small Dc Gear Motor, the old money really learned these two things into their own specialty. The noodles are chewy and delicious, and the bean jelly is also quite good, which is much better than what Xiaohan ate in the city later. Well, Lao Qian, yes, I will help you with your cooking skills, Xiao Han thought as he ate. After dinner, Li Su pulled Xiao Han out for a walk. The place where Xiaohan's family stays in southern Xinjiang, the temperature is still very comfortable, the temperature difference throughout the year is not particularly large, wearing a sweater and coat in winter is over, summer does not need to wear short sleeves, spring and autumn temperature is more comfortable. That is, there is less moisture in the air, a little dry, and it hardly rains all the year round. But if you stay for a long time, you won't feel it. It is now the end of the third month of the lunar calendar, and the temperature has become warmer. Xiaohan is holding hands with Li Su and walking on the warm street. At this time, Planetary Gear Motor ,12v High Torque Motor, everyone is eating at home. There are few people on the street. The grass on both sides has sprouted tender green buds. The warm wind blows on his face, which makes people feel comfortable and want to shout out. Volume 1 Chapter 9 Midnight Fright They walked outside for half an hour and then went home. When I went back, I saw that Uncle Qian had cleaned up the house. He was really a good man! Let Xiaohan can not help but sigh extremely! Li Su asked Xiaohan what she had learned during the day. Seeing that she had mastered it steadily, she could not help feeling happy. It was really hard to find such a wise child. I remember that when I was young, I didn't learn as fast as she did. Xiaohan, aunt found that you are really smart. Aunt didn't learn as fast as you when she was a child, and she was always scolded by Grandpa. Li Su couldn't help saying. Aunt, that also shows that you teach well. I didn't learn so fast when my mother taught me before. Maybe the children are afraid of their elders. Xiaohan had no choice but to explain it like this. What do you want her to say? That I'm reborn and reformed? "That scares people to death, thinking that the child is in a daze." Xiao Han doesn't have to be modest. Aunt knows that she is really happy. "Hey, hey." Xiao Han only smiled and did not speak. In other words, it is embarrassing to be praised all the time. Children with adult thoughts like Xiaohan. Sleeping in the middle of the night, Xiaohan was awakened by a strange sound, like the sound of a mouse stealing food. When he listened carefully, it didn't look like it. After a while, it sounded like the sound of a person licking something. Then after a while, he continued to lick it, and so on. Xiao Han can be frightened, saying that since Xiao Han came back from rebirth, but the letter of some magical phenomena, or how even the rebirth of this kind of thing has happened? Could it be that the legendary ghosts come to eat people? Take a bath first, and then eat after the bath? If it were a thief, he would have left long ago. A thief can't find a place to lick something, can he? That's not sick in the head. The sound, in the middle of the night, was too scary. Thinking of this, Xiao Han broke out in a cold sweat, saying that Li Su is a beautiful woman, this thing can't hurt herself, but Aunt Li is such a good person, don't have any accidents, how can Uncle Zhao not make a sound? Xiao Han wanted to shout, but he was afraid to frighten the ghost to kill him, but if he pretended not to know and didn't get up to have a look, he really had a bad conscience, thinking that Li Su and Lao Qian were both good to themselves, how could he not be loyal? People say that ghosts seem to be afraid of fire, right? Thinking of this, Xiao Han slipped down from the bed, trembling slightly and carefully, without making a sound. He found the match by his own impression, and then touched the place where the lamp was placed by his own impression. He concentrated his breath, struck the match with a whoosh, lit the kerosene lamp, and then appeared in public and shouted with a trembling voice: "Where is the monster who committed murder here?" Too afraid, too anxious, she really can not think of other words by Xiaohan such a shout, Li Su was also awakened, very confused looking at the following one big and one small, the big is the old money, the small is Xiaohan. As soon as Xiaohan looked, he was embarrassed, only to see old money sitting on the stool below in big pants, holding a paper bag of sugar in his hand, with a lot of sugar on his mouth, looking at Zhao Xiaohan's shoes awkwardly. Uncle Qian Qian, what's wrong with you? Xiao Han stammered. Uh,Parallel Shaft Gearbox, that, uh.. Uncle Qian glanced at Li Su and didn't dare to say anything. Old money, I don't let you eat more sugar because I'm afraid you're too fat and it's not good for your health. Why are you still like this? Li Su said angrily. ichgearmotor.com