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Dead Man SystemDead Man SystemDead Man SystemDead Man System

But this hundred years, Chu Tianming is not good, at first, he guessed that the other side may be looking for himself because he killed those fierce fish, but a few months later, he did not think so. Because the other side is really too much, even out of the universe master level of existence, which makes Chu Tianming realize that things have deviated from his control, so from that time on, he lived a life of hiding. After that, it was a hundred years! Chapter 846 was caught. To. It's time to catch this difficult alien. Four elder terror on the face, unexpectedly showed a trace of childlike innocent smile, he smiled at the frozen Chu Tianming, a wave, Chu Tianming's body flew past, he was knocked into a bag inside. Shua Shua ~ It's tied. The elder turned his head and looked at the two elders beside him. Laoliu's cold is so powerful that even your fourth brother and I are going to look at you with new eyes. The four elders smiled and said to the six elders who had frozen Chu Tianming. The six elders smiled. All right, let's go back. This time we finally caught the alien race. It's time for us to end the farce that has lasted for a hundred years. Now the wind outside has changed. Everyone is staring at our swordfish clan. Now we immediately go back to Chapter 846 and get caught. Let's discuss it with the patriarch first! Said the great elder standing in the middle. As soon as the elder opened his mouth, the elder and the six elders immediately agreed to come down. Go! I can finally have a good rest! The fourth elder turned around with a smile, and his laughter shook the mountain at the bottom of the sea and made the elder stare at him fiercely, which made him restrain himself. A hundred years is only a very short time for the swordfish population, but this hundred years is very special. Every member of the swordfish group has had a very full life in the past 100 years. Instead of having nothing to do, they have been busy for a whole 100 years. Today, everyone can finally have a good rest. Because that damned alien has finally been captured by their elders! As soon as the news spread that the alien race had been captured by their swordfish race,Micro Gear Motor, the whole swordfish race went crazy. Of course, under the harsh rebuke of several elders, all the clansmen calmed down, at least on the surface, became much calmer. It has been several days since Chu Tianming came to the lair of this undersea creature. He was caught that day and then brought here. After the freeze was lifted, he was caught and locked up in Chapter 846. Responsible for guarding him, is a strength to reach the level of the master of the universe elders, which makes Chu Tianming dare not have the slightest change. Apart from being watched by some curious swordfish every day for a while,Gear Reduction Motor, Chu Tianming did not suffer any torture these days, and the other party did not seem to want to dispose of him immediately, but locked him up and left him alone. Over the past few days, Chu Tianming has been thinking about why the other side wants to catch him back, but after catching him back, he is so indifferent, Rao is the wisdom of Chu Tianming, can not understand this problem, but he subconsciously felt that the other side will certainly come to him, and will not be too long. In fact, these days, the ten elders and patriarchs of the Swordfish tribe are also discussing the issue of Chu Tianming, and they have some differences about the alien race that may make their tribe more powerful. The four elders thought that the alien should be controlled immediately, and then let him open the altar, so as not to change later, but the two elders thought that the wind outside should calm down, 12 Volt Motor With Gearbox ,gear reduction motor, and then let the alien open the altar. The two elders had their own reasons, and some of them supported their views, and because of this, no one came to Chu Tianming these days. However, as Chu Tianming guessed, the elders of these swordfish groups could not argue all the time, if so, it would be just in line with the wishes of the two elders! So a few days later, two elders came to the door. This day, Chu Tianming is boring practice to pass the time, here, he also dare not really immersed in the practice, so the efficiency, to be greatly reduced. So when the two elders came in, he quit the state of practice for the first time, and his eyes seemed to look at the two elders doubtfully. Two elders, one of them is Chu Tianming familiar with the four elders, is the elder who brought him here with a bag, at the moment this guy is looking at him with a smile, see Chu Tianming a chill. But on the other side, is an elder who has not seen, his expression is very serious, looks at Chu Tianming's vision, appears very gloomy, lets Chu Tianming have a kind of bad foreboding. Alien, how are you doing here? Said the laughing four elders. Chu Tianming, of course, did not think that the other party was coming to ask such an idiot question. He looked at the four elders and the two elders. After half a ring, he opened his mouth and said, "Come on, what do you want?" The four elders smiled, while the two elders snorted coldly and turned their heads away, as if they were in a very bad mood. Seeing this, the elder took one look at him. Then he looked at Chu Tianming and said, "We are here to inform you that you can do us a favor. As long as you are willing to help, we will let you go immediately. How about that?" "Help?" Chu Tianming looked at the two doubtfully, "will you need my help to do something that you can't do with such strength?" When the four elders heard this, they nodded with a smile. Sometimes, some things need a specific person to do, and you are that specific person, we are not, no matter how strong we are, we can not do it, so you need to help, how, one side is forever imprisoned, one side is to help us, and then we let you go, in the end choose which way to go, you decide! Four elders finished,High Torque 12v Dc Motor, the smile on his face also converged, no longer open his mouth, as if to give Chu Tianming time to think. Reflection? Does Chu Tianming need to think.