Cheetah Tears V

Cheetah Tears VCheetah Tears VCheetah Tears V

"A painful expression, is the wound healed or not?"? Or Let me see for myself. 。" "What are you doing?" The man took a step forward, pushed his shoulder against the stout tree trunk, pulled open his strong canvas combat uniform, and exposed his ivory chest. With only one free arm, he tried desperately to stop Ko: Damn it! You bastard! Ke, however, did not want to stop and untied the string of zippers and buttons. Even when he was free, Luo was no match for Ke, and he resisted with one hand in vain. Ke He pulled off the camouflage handkerchief on his left arm, grabbed the ivory wrist and tied it tightly with the handcuffs on the thick branch. Then he pushed aside his belt and straddled his seat. No! Ko!! He turned his head to the other side, and Ko grabbed his jaw and twisted it to himself: "Don't be afraid. I'll try to be gentle." Ko could see that the reddish wound on his side was still not healed. "That's strange," he said. "You had a gunshot wound. Why is it so long?" Luo looked at him nervously: I had a liver transplant, and Chief Fish gave me his liver,ultrasonic molten metal, or I would have died! Ko! Don't do anything stupid. Let me go. I'm here to help you in place of Officer Fish! "Fish.." Ko frowned. "Is he dead..? The man who is always calm. Drop and nod: "Dead.." Ko finally laughed: "In that case, I have no reason not to make out with you." "What?!" As he spoke, Ke reached into his belt and stroked the body without a detour. It was very painful to fall into his hands, and he was very kind to Ke. Feelings so complex, even their own did not expect,ultrasonic dispersion machine, when touched by this person, the entanglement in the chest will bring great pain. Ko is an enemy, but in the past few years, they have fought together, and his existence is an important support for the whole world. And his love. Fall Knowing that he was stubborn and stupid, he would pay any price if he could maintain friendship without hurting anyone. But that friendship had gone up in smoke when Ke hugged him for the first time. Now Ke, although the same flashing green charming pupils, but in those eyes, there is no love full of contradictions, no longer affectionate gaze, ultrasonic extraction cbd ,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, no longer a trustworthy person.. Coco's wheat-colored chest was pressed against his body, and his strong arms were pressed tightly against him. I do not know when, the fall of the line of sight has been blurred by tears in a mess, fingertips are also slightly trembling: "柯 . . . You want to destroy me. Why don't you just shoot? Do you have to make me suffer in this way? "Is it really so painful to be held by me?" The man was still smiling. "I'm a sad man." He lifted his white knees, and he pushed them against the tree trunk, unable to move, while Ke's fingertips crossed his sensitive place. He was ashamed of the touch, and he shouted anxiously: You know how much I care about you! Is it so much fun to keep crossing this line and making me miserable?! Do you want me to loathe you like I loathe Loon?! Ke covered his lips at once and put the whole face in his hands: "Do you want my men to hear you? Do you want them to watch me rape you?" All of a sudden, tears flowed between Ke's fingers, and he shook his head forcefully with his palms. Ko rubbed the side of his leg and said: Long is a nice guy. He did what I wanted to do early in the morning. I'd rather be Long than be Long. Ka, I'd rather be your enemy than a stupid friend. I love you.. I want all of you. ..." I don't know why I couldn't publish an article yesterday. There is a time when I must go to bed in my dormitory. So after half an hour of failure, I finally gave up. It's not that cockroaches are not industrious!!! So he stretched out his six legs to ask for tickets and messages. [Cheetah Tears] Chapter 191 (H is not pure, be careful to enter) ___________________ But Ke covered his lips and watched his tears flow through his fingers. He knew that his actions had already hurt the other side, but still did not want to stop, he said in his ear: I love you.. So get everything you have. 。" "Uh-huh!" The man exudes a burning desire, and before the entrance is warmed up, he can't wait to break in. Handcuffs and camouflage handkerchiefs were tightly tied to the wrists, pulling the arms down with pain. The pain is a hundred times more. Falling in the palm of Ke's hand, he could not think, let alone break free, and could only be stranded in a sad feeling. Friends, now that the friendship has been smashed to pieces, why should we set foot on it several times more, and cover it with heavy dirt on the years that had been recalled.. Ke could see the pure black pupil color of the man, and the tears made them particularly charming, but there was no calm and depth that he knew well, all helplessness and deep sadness. Luo looked at the treetops and tried to breathe through Ke's fingers. His voice was very vague, but he said desperately: Stop.. Stop it ! Ko, if you go on, I'll resent you.. "You don't know how I feel.." Ke did not stop, watching the man beneath him more desperate in each turbulence. His lips almost touched his eyelashes, and the burning flame kept hammering them: Only in this way can I prove my love for you,ultrasonic spray nozzle, but when I prove everything, you are getting farther and farther away from me.. Don't think you're the only one who's been hurt the most. From the day I met you, I have been torturing myself almost all the time.. I don't want to live like that anymore. To hell with your little officer! "Oh..". Ke !" Ke.