Get into trouble with the CEO, the king of the underworld

Get into trouble with the CEO, the king of the underworldGet into trouble with the CEO, the king of the underworld

"Small language.." No He Emperor Situ. He Lu Guangliang, with his last breath, wanted to finish his last words. But every time he said a word, blood came out of his mouth. The more eager, the more do not understand, but the smell of blood more and more strong. Lu Xiaoyu saw the blood and did not know what to do. It's not that she hasn't seen blood, it's not that she hasn't seen people die, but now she's facing her own relatives, and she's in a panic. His face was pale and he turned to go to the doctor. I'll get the doctor. I'll get the doctor. She murmured to herself, repeating the words. As soon as he released his hand, he held it hard instead. Lu Guangliang used his last strength to stop her. He already felt that death was calling to him. I could even feel the darkness, which was getting bigger and bigger,65 inch touch screen, enveloping him. Uncle I'm going to find a doctor. Lu Xiaoyu is neither walking nor not walking. In the end, I had to stand where I was, crying until I couldn't speak for myself, and I couldn't even speak clearly. Don't go. She is like a child who wants to catch the one she loves. Lu Guangliang looked at her appearance and felt her capriciousness for the first time. Yeah, he hasn't seen her willful appearance since he grew up. Fortunately,classroom interactive whiteboard, I finally saw her once. Her willfulness is so lovely. Small language.. "Uncle.." Tell you.. "Stu.." Emperor. He You It's him. He A great darkness came upon him, and he felt a whirl of white light before his eyes. He closed his eyes feebly and swallowed all the vague words he had left. He dropped his hand feebly, but with a trace of regret. He regretted that the man should be in love with Xiaoyu. He regretted that the two of them were doomed not to be together. Small language.. A person.. Also want to live well. Text: The King of the Underworld: All Disintegrated Lu Guangliang closed his eyes with regret and could not sleep. Holding her hand, but still holding it tightly all the time, as if he was worried and even more worried. Only the tears in the corner of my eyes slowly dried up. His hands finally relaxed their posture, so lonely. Lu Xiaoyu grasped his hand reflexively, unwilling to let go. She lowered her head and looked at her uncle's quiet and peaceful face, and suddenly felt desolate in her heart. She bit her lip and the tears pattered down, all on his face. The corners of his mouth, smart interactive whiteboard ,interactive flat panel display, still with blood, mixed with her tears, could no longer be distinguished. The cuff casually wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth, and his hands trembled. Repressed mood, but how can not break out. She should be crying, but why can't she cry. She should vent, but she just can't. Lu Xiaoyu looked at Lu Guangliang, who had died on the operating table, and felt the temperature of his palms cooling a little. Finally, he moved his lips helplessly and shouted, "Uncle.." You wake up.. Don't go. "Don't leave me alone. I'll be afraid." Why Why did everyone leave me? Why was I left alone. What did she do wrong? She has to bear it. ? Why do other people have happy families? ? Why did she encounter the death of her loved ones again and again? ? Lu Xiaoyu raised his head in pain and shouted at the empty operating room, "Why?" Her body was suddenly exhausted, and she fell back feebly. Is it possible to forget everything when you die. Is it so that you won't feel bad anymore. Outside the operating room, Szeto heard a sudden roar from the operating room, and her sudden cry stirred his mind in an instant. He pulled out his feet and rushed into the operating room almost in a mess. The operating room was filled with the pungent smell of disinfectant and blood, and Lu Guangliang lay calmly on the operating table under the spotlight. But he had already felt the dead silence, and it was obvious that he had gone. He lowered his head and saw Lu Xiaoyu lying on the ground. As soon as Szeto's heart tightened, he rushed to her side and put his arms around her. He tried to pick her up, but was stopped by her weak strength. He looked at her in a panic and looked at her weak and helpless eyes. For a moment, the eyes overlapped with the eyes in his memory, and he suddenly lost his mind. With trembling hands and a weak voice, Lu Xiaoyu clenched his clothes and asked softly, "Tell me, what did you say to my uncle?". Why does he get sick all at once? Tell me! What was my uncle going to tell her on his deathbed? He's trying to say something. ? But he kept saying the name of the Szeto Emperor, was he trying to tell her the truth? Could it be said that Did he hurt his uncle? Is it him? ? Because of her wishful thinking. And she's just his plaything after all? So, he can be very cruel to say some sarcastic words to his uncle? Lu Xiaoyu thought of this and strongly restrained the anger and pain in his heart. She wanted to hear his answer. She wanted to know what he was thinking. The emotion left at the last moment forces me to hear the answer. That's how stupid she is. Stupid enough to let him get close to his uncle. You tell me! Tell me ! Why did uncle suddenly fall ill? ! You speak ! You talk ! Why don't you speak? ……” Lu Xiaoyu murmured painfully, and his hands beat him feebly. His silence finally extinguished the faint flame in her heart. Szeto heard her questioning, felt her pain, and even understood her pain at the moment. However, he could not say a word. Because the truth is true. Indeed,touch screen whiteboard, he stimulated Lu Guangliang and caused him to die early. But why can't he say it? Should have hurt her hard. Make her more painful, lock her in your side, don't let her leave! Why can't you do this to her? ?。