Pay attention when unbuttoning Electronic Shelf Label

Electronic Shelf Label

In addition to caring about business performance, supermarkets also need to pay attention to the problem of theft prevention of supermarket goods. Because if the goods are stolen, it will have a great impact on the operating profit. If the circumstances are serious, it will also affect the normal operation of the supermarket. Therefore, it is of great significance to do a good job of supermarket anti-theft, such as the use of Electronic Shelf Label is a very common measure. How is this anti-theft tag used?

One: Unlocking method

The unbuttoning work of Electronic Shelf Label is generally completed by the cashier. The cashier should pay special attention not to panic when unbuttoning, otherwise the product will be damaged and the unbuttoning speed will be reduced. When unbuttoning, you must first find the position of the label, approach the release device on the side with the label, and remove it slowly.

Two: follow-up

When unbuttoning, when it is difficult to take off, do not pull it hard, otherwise it will damage the product. Once removed, hard tags and nails should be stored separately and should not be mixed. This way, it doesn't suck together and also reduces the workload of installing the Electronic Shelf Label next time.

Electronic Shelf Label