Perfect worldPerfect worldPerfect world

Perfect worldPerfect worldPerfect worldPerfect worldPerfect world

Into the emperor, but can not cry, his heart has too much sorrow, she knows, she sympathizes, in fact, between them, is it also a kind of sorrow? We used to be together, but we have been separated for so many years. This is my brother's grave. Shi Hao finally left the small stone grave, stood in front of Qin Hao's stone tablet, and did not leave for a long time. He also sacrificed his own blood, and Shi Yi, the enemy I was determined to defeat when I was a teenager, he finally used blood and life to return, very man and I broke up, I. I really can't afford it. Shi Hao is sad, and the stone clan has withered. This is the second tomb in the world. Master Bird, those two old men can never appear again. Shi Hao walked all the way to introduce, extremely melancholy, sour in the heart. And the Lord of the Forbidden Zone, who is also a teacher and friend, how can I forget? Shi Hao stood in front of another big grave and missed it very much. This is the tomb of eight hundred veterans. These soldiers have followed me to fight in the last era of law. They have gone through a lifetime, but finally they were born again. They protected my children with their lives and participated in the final battle. Shi Hao said in a low voice. Nearby, there were dozens of veterans who had survived, and they all shed tears when they heard the words, thinking of the old brothers before their death. Cheng Di, however, you have lost so much, no wonder I can not see your smile, I am no longer the laughing naughty boy I saw in those days. Said the fire spirit. She knew that Shi Hao's heart must be very uncomfortable, really lost too much ah. There are few people left around. Xiao Hao! Man came, and she stayed here until Shi Hao came back, and she was worried. Soon after, the horned ants came back, and the red dragon appeared, and they were still alive and survived among the old people. I just went to the burial place to offer sacrifices to Cao Yusheng. Tianjiao Ant Road. Buried again in the burial ground. Shi Hao nodded, some empty in the heart, can no longer go back to the past, there is no way to grab wine with Cao Fatty and the little rabbit. Shi Hao, even if you become an immortal emperor now,portable gold wash plant, you can cry if you want to. Tianjiao ant said, these days they all see in the eyes, Shi Hao came back, has been sitting here in silence, if no one to find, he almost did not speak. I really can't cry. Shi Hao shook his head. Child The elder came and patted him on the shoulder. Time is merciless, and it has cut off too much. When Shi Hao came back, he did not immediately unseal the stone village, because there was a terrible hole in the sky at the other end of the boundary sea, which he had not really explored. He did not tell the people around him about the horror there to avoid their worries. Huo Ling'er fell asleep, because she and the dark Huo Ling'er merged into one, and she felt a little disappointed, the vicissitudes of life, the vicissitudes of the world, when Xiaoshi had children. Therefore, she did not want to wake up for a while, in the dream to miss the past, she felt as if she had returned to the season of fire mulberry blossoms, in the dream, her eyes hung with tears. When Shi Hao saw her like this, chrome washing machine ,sodium cyanide price, his heart trembled slightly and he felt a little distressed. In the next few years, Shi Hao traveled all over the world, he returned to the nine days and ten places, he walked through the old road alone, exploring the touching, laughter and so on. Some people can't be seen, and he recalls on such a road. Finally, he used the supreme method to walk in the long river of time, back to the past, back to his youth. He approached, returned to that year, returned to the quiet stone village. Far away, he saw a blackened willow tree, with only a tender bud, emitting a soft light, guarding the village in the wilderness. He saw himself when he was a child, saw Dazhuang and Ermeng, saw the grandfather of the patriarch, and saw the uncles and aunts who had long passed away in the village. He saw his childhood running crazily and happily, and the little guy kept laughing. I don't know why, but now he is crying, and an emperor is crying here. When he was a child, if he was sad, he would cry and laugh in the village, but now he looks forward with a smile, but wants to cry. I'm the Emperor of Heaven. How can I cry? Shi Hao wiped away the tears on his face. He looked at the people in the stone village. Only a few people were sealed down. The early uncles were gone. He turned and left, happy but wanting to weep, and had to go. A lot of things, never go back to the past, think carefully, at that time he may be the happiest, always carefree, mischievous. Shi Hao walked along the long river of time. He saw the breeze and went to Butian Pavilion. At that time, he was young and mischievous, and once brazenly shouted, "I have a hammer in my hand, and I have the world." He knocked Xiao Tian with a big head and a "towering head.". Later, he saw the fall of Butian Pavilion and the tragic death of the elders. Shi Hao left, along the long river of time, he went to the Baiduan Mountains, where he met nine lions, but now where is the sworn brother? Buried for more than two million years. It was also there that he met Huo Linger and Yun Xi for the first time. Looking at his young self from a distance, Shi Hao remained motionless. Later, he saw the lower world of the seven gods, his young self, and died in a hundred battles. Along the long river of time, Shi Hao left the wilderness and entered the three thousand States. When he saw Cao Yusheng, Taiyin Yutu and his teenage self again, he smiled. They fought for life and death together. After the war, he was fighting with Cao Fatty and Little Rabbit for meat and wine. Once the laughter, once the life and death together moved. Soon after, he went to Sin State and saw the fire mulberry forest again. He saw the spirit of fire and returned with the sunset glow. Shi Haozhan is in the long river of time, he is thinking, if that year he did not travel far, stay here, what kind of result will be. At that time, he was young and frivolous, always thinking of the ROC spreading its wings, swaying up ninety thousand miles, and fighting out a piece of sky of its own. At that time, when he left, he did not notice that Huo Linger was standing by the fire mulberry forest alone with the sunset, how lonely and disappointed he was, and his eyes were full of reluctance. But at that time,Carbon in Pulp, he had gone away, with Lingyun ambition, striding into the distance.