Recent Consequences

About the CORONA Virus In Bangladesh Perspective

More or less everyone knows about the COVID-19 CORONA virus, And yes Bangladesh is now on the chart of the affected country list. So we have a big problem with taking any preventive action regarding any circumstance. We are not those intelligent peoples that we supposed to be.

When the responsible person announces the confirmed cases we are acting like a mad to protect ourself. we go out immediately and takes the necessary medicines/hand rub/musk etc, more than we need. The real basic problem inside in this generation.

We forgot that time about our own garments industry we could make our own MUSK for our own use, for our family at least.why we always need to buy everything? is it just our habit nowadays?

There is no need of using high antiseptic handwash or a similar product to clean, for coronavirus only our very usual soap is enough-As UNICEF brief.

We are not ready to take any difficulties easily, every time we make everything complex.

Our very respectful business syndicates always take this advantage from us. Like, think about Onion,Odomas. Same like this situation.

How long year it will take to come out from these types of situation.

we need to really grow up. we are far enough known in Electronic media but do we need to really care about all items of news? Cant we just ignore or filter the right choice?

May Allah bless us!


Image Credit:Bangla Tribune