Mitchell Miller re-joins USHLs Storm a year after Coyotes dr

Mitchell Miller re-joins USHLs Storm a year after Coyotes dr

The Tri-City Storm announcedthe signing of defenseman Mitchell Miller for the 2021-22 season on Wednesday. Miller was selected in the fourth round by the Coyotes in the 2020 NHL Draft; however, after it was revealed he bullieda Black cla smate with developmental disabilities fouryears prior. The abuse, ,reportedly lasted years and involved racial slurs, physical contact and getting the victim to lick a push-pop that had Eric Kendricks Jerseys been rubbed inside a urinal.

Miller played for the Storm in 2019-20 prior to being drafted. Once considered a top NHL and USA Hockey prospect, he did not play hockey in 2020-21 after thefrom its hockey team.

After careful consideration, the Tri-City Storm has decided to provide Mitchell Miller with an opportunity to resume his amateur hockey career, Anthony Noreen, the USHLteam's president of hockey operations and head coach, . We know Mitchell very well and we are convinced what happened when he was 14 isnt indicative of his character or who he is now as a 19-year-old young man.

Mitchell and the Storm do not minimize what happened five years ago. Bullying and racially offensive remarks are wrong under any circumstance. Mitchell is fully aware of that, he regrets what he did, and is genuinely Daunte Culpepper Jerseys sorry. Hes grown and matured greatly since then, and we believe in the person that hes become. We will continue to support and guide Mitchell to ensure his maturation and commitment to helping others continues.

"I'm grateful for the chance to resume my playing career with the Tri-City Storm, said Miller in Wednesday's release. What I did when I was 14 years old was hurtful to others, and I'm truly sorry for that. I've done a lot of growing up over the past Garrett Bradbury Jerseys five years, and become a mature person who is respectful of everyone at all times. I pledge to make the most of this opportunity, and be a good person on and off the ice, helping others in as many ways as I can."

In October 2020, obtainedpolice records and letters written by Miller and the victim's mother.

"Hello Im the mother of the boy that Mitchell Miller bullied," beganthe letter fromJoni Meyer-Crothers to the Coyotes organization days after Jaylen Twyman Jerseys the draft."I read the statements made by the GM (Bill Armstrong) etc. and find them demeaning to our son. Are you aware Mitchell NEVER apologized to our son? Are you aware two years ago he still taunted him? Are you aware this went on for years? Do you understand the mental damage Mitchell did to our son?"

top pick Mitchell Miller "denied any involvement" and "lied to the school administrators" on several occasions.

Craig Harris (@charrisazrep)

Miller sent a letter to all 31 NHL teams in 2020 where he stated he "is a different person" and was "thankful to have learned a very painful and valuable le son." Portzline stated that a number offranchises were not convinced he was truly remorseful something William Hutcheson, thejuvenile magistrate who heard Miller'scase, told Miller in court andwhich Joni Meyer- Greg Joseph Jerseys Crothersnoted in her letter.

According to the Storm announcement, Miller will participate in a Diversity and Inclusion program for personal and profe sional improvement and will work with a sports Chris Herndon Jerseys psychologist.

The USHL has reviewed and vetted the current situation in regards to Mr. Mitchell Miller at great length, said USHL president and commi sioner Bill Robertson. We believe Mr. Miller deserves a second chance and opportunity, while also feeling that the Tri-City Storm organization has developed an on-going developmental plan to a sist this young man off and on the ice while competing this season in our league. We wish Mr. Miller well this year.