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The PvP Arena works as follows: indicate that you're looking for a fight , and the system will manage it. Keep playing OSRS Gold, and you'll be notified when a match is available and , once it's confirmed, you'll be transferred to the PvP alternate save the world to take on against a player with the same level of skill.

Since these PvP fights take place on an alternative server during your participation, all of your levels and things will be gone and you'll get a standard set of stats . Additionally, you'll have to select a combat style, which will bump up certain stats. Then you pick a secondary battle style, which is different from the first.

Once fights are complete, you'll earn rank points and reward points if you are able to win a PvP match (1v1 game or tournament) that the game arranges for you. Although you'll be able to organize tournaments and duels manually, they will not be rewarded with those points.

As part of the effort to cut down on RMT and improve the experience, any rewards not based on cosmetics will be available in PvP enabled areas. It is not possible to be a threat to anything unless you are playing with these rewards, too. Some of these rewards aren't tradeable, while you'd expect them to be traded. This is a deliberate move to deter RMT spammers and scammers looking for items.

You can check out the complete list on rules, bonuses, details on grouping and more in the new, upgraded PvP experience that runescape gold buying replaces the previous Duel Arena available at Old School RuneScape. OSRS is also marking its 9th anniversary.