The Cleaning Attention Of The Open Rotary Screen Printer After Use   

open rotary screen printer is a common screen printing equipment, which gives us a great help.

  open rotary screen printer is a common screen printing equipment, which gives us a great help. However, when you use it for a long time or when the application is not appropriate, that or that kind of problem will be formed. First, request that the machine be sorted and cleaned at least several times a week in accordance with the requirements, and the dust on the equipment must be relatively mild. Cloth cleaning.

Compared with difficult-to-remove dirt, please use a slightly acidic cleaning fluid. Those who cannot clean the machine with ethanol or blocking fluid should always check the water in the filter water cup, and do not allow the water to be brought to the cylinder; Before starting the application every time, it is requested to sort out the dirt within the scope of the machine to ensure that there is no harm before the funds can be invested in the application in the future.

Hanging objects and working equipment must not be placed on machinery and equipment. Ensure that the track surface of the theme activity and the slide track surface are in contact; when the equipment has small defects, do not disassemble the parts independently, and must notify the technical professional maintenance staff; Mechanical equipment must be cleaned and placed in a dry and naturally ventilated area when it is not used for a long time.

The key point is that in the normal maintenance of the equipment, it is not possible to disassemble the parts of the machinery and equipment, otherwise it may lead to minor defects of the equipment; often request frequent investigations and detailed inquiries of the equipment to ensure that the machine can be put into work with all normal funds and will not harm the product. Rate-based waste products. Treat Hot Air Stenter requests like our cherished items. It must be maintained and inquired frequently. The equipment must not be a little inappropriate, so that it will make our request according to our request.