Static Phenomenon Of Open Type Rotary Screen Printing Machine

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    In screen printing, when the screen template bounces off the substrate, the ink on the screen pattern will follow the screen to form a fluffy "spider thread" that is pulled up and floats from the substrate. When the screen is continuously raised, this "spider silk" is scattered on the substrate before and after drifting with the wind, making the substrate scratched on the outside and the edges of the pattern are not sharp. This is an Open Type Rotary Screen Printing Machine. Static phenomenon.
1. After screen printing, the screen is raised, and the ink on the blot is pulled up together with the screen, and the phenomenon of "flying hair"-shaped ink thread just disconnected after the workpiece is taken out.
2. During overprinting, the ink edge and the pattern edge of the previous color and the next color are squeezed out of each other, and they cannot be well matched, so that the ink between the two colors cannot be printed with ink
3. In screen printing, the workpiece is stuck to the screen, especially the screen orientation at the end of the scraper movement.
4. The printing materials stick together
5. During the printing process, the ink is difficult to spread on the screen, and the cake sticks together
6. The printing material absorbs dust, and the ink marks are damaged, pits, and the appearance is rough and not shiny after the screen printing.
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