A new pair of Pokemon games are launching on Nintendo Switch this fall

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A new pair of Pokemon games are launching on Nintendo Switch this fall, although they're not really "new" at all: They're remakes of 2007's Pokemon Diamond and Pearl for the Nintendo DS. Now repackaged as Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, the Gen 4 remakes will be released on Nov. 19, and preorders are available now.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl preorders aren't particularly complicated, but there are a few things to know before you lock in your purchase. In addition to the Legendary Pokemon that grace each game's cover, there's a handful of version-specific wild Pokemon, such as Cranidos and Stunky for Brilliant Diamond, and Shieldon and Glameow for Shining Pearl. You can always trade with another player to obtain these Pokemon, but it's part of why some people opt to preorder the Double Pack, which bundles both Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl for $120. Though there's no discount for preordering the Double Pack, there are some nice digital and physical bonuses that sweeten the deal.Buy 6IV Shiny Pokemon For BDSP

Anyone who buys a physical or digital copy of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond, Shining Pearl or the Double Pack before Feb. 21, 2022, will receive a free Manaphy Egg via the in-game Mystery Gift feature. Leave Manaphy with a Ditto at the Pokemon Nursery afterward, and you'll get an Egg for Phione, another rare Pokemon. Any physical or digital Double Pack purchase will also include 200 free Poke Balls.

Download Pokemon Brilliant Diamond or Shining Pearl from the Nintendo eShop specifically, and you'll also receive 12 Quick Balls, which increase your chance of catching a wild Pokemon right away. Those who purchase the Double Pack through the eShop will receive 24 Quick Balls. These eShop-exclusive bonuses are also available until Feb. 21, 2022, so they're not preorder-specific.
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