Medical career and official career

He jumped from deputy secretary of the municipal party committee to executive vice mayor to secretary of the Nanxi municipal party committee,

How could Du Tianye forget? Because of that incident, his biological father almost went to prison. Su yuanyuan perjured herself under the pressure of her mother Shen Jingxian. According to her father, Shen Jingxian and her eldest brother Chen Tianzhong were lovers. But even so, she shouldn't have framed her father. Du Tianye whispered: "Since Wang Junyao is dead, this matter is over." There's no point in looking any further. "Aren't you curious?" Asked Zhang Yang? What happened between your eldest brother and Shen Jingxian, between Wang Junyao and Xu Changde, and between them? Du Tianye said, "Everyone has his own secret. You've seen Su yuanyuan's mother. Even if we ask her about these things, she won't tell the truth." Zhang Yang said, "I have checked some materials. Xu Jiayong was born in July 1967, and Wang Junyao was smuggled abroad in that year. Xu Changde and his wife got married in March 1967. That is to say, they gave birth to Xu Jiayong four months after their marriage. You know, in the 1960s, there were few cases of pregnancy before marriage and shotgun marriage. Xu Changde himself was a member." Activist, he won't ignore the influence, will he? "What do you want to prove?" Asked Du Tianye? Is it proved that Xu Jiayong is the son of Xu Changde and Wang Junyao? Wake up, whether there is such a thing or not,heavy duty rack manufacturers, now that all three of them are dead, what's the point of proving all this? It makes no sense! Zhang Yang didn't speak. Du Tianye added, "I don't want to investigate my eldest brother's affairs any more. In that special era, people's emotional outlook and right and wrong outlook were very different from what we have now. We are not qualified to judge their rights and wrongs.". Now that so many years have passed and the person concerned has died, let everything become a memory. Zhang Yang sighed and said, "Maybe you're right!" Du Tianye patted him on the shoulder and said,metal racking systems, "Zhang Yang, I know that the recent events have hit you hard. Keren lives in the world, and all kinds of setbacks may be encountered. After all, things that have been born have been born. We can't change the past. What we can do is to face the reality. I believe your inference is correct, but you must understand that everything has passed!"! You can't always think about that. You have to learn to forget. If you can't do that, you won't be happy in your life. Zhang Yang nodded and leaned on the sand blankly: "It's over." Du Tianye saw that Zhang Yang was still in a bad state and said with concern, "Why don't you go out to travel and relax?" Zhang Yang said, "Maybe I should go back to work as soon as possible. Only when I work can I have no time to think about other things." "Have you ever thought about going back to work in Jiangcheng?" Asked Du Tianye. Du Tianye put forward this proposal purely from a friend's point of view. He really couldn't bear to see Zhang Yang in such a low state. When Zhang Yang left Jiangcheng for Nancy, Du Tianye was reluctant to let him go. Now Li Changyu also went to Jiangcheng. Du Tianye felt that there was a shortage of manpower around him, so he put forward this matter. In his opinion, maybe Zhang Yang returned to work in his hometown, which would help him heal the trauma in his heart. Zhang Yang said with a smile, Automated warehouse systems ,shuttle rack system, "Thank you for your kindness. I haven't finished the work of the Provincial Games yet. People should finish what they start. Before the Provincial Games, I won't consider other things. Besides, a good horse doesn't eat back grass. I'm not good at it." Du Tianye laughed and scolded, "hhúnxiaozi, don't be shameless!" At this time Wu Yongxin knocked on the door and came in. He came to remind Du Tianye to go to the meeting. Zhang Yang got up and said, "Secretary Du, I won't delay your business." "Don't leave in a hurry," said Du Tianye. "I'll treat you to dinner tonight." "Let's talk about it later," said Zhang Yang. He really didn't have the mood to drink these two days. "I'll call you when I'm done," said Du Tianye. "I'll call you. I lost my cell phone and haven't had time to reissue it yet!" Du Tianye laughed and said, "Are you really going to isolate yourself from the world?" Zhang Yang said, "I'd like to, but I'm just a layman. I can't change in my life.". ()” When Zhang Yang came to the hall on the first floor, he met Xu Biao, the organization minister of Jiangcheng City. Xu Biao was talking to a middle-aged man with a dark complexion. That man was Cao Xiangdong, the new executive vice mayor of Jiangcheng City. Xu Biao was surprised to see Zhang Yang: "Zhang Yang, when did you come back?" Zhang Yang walked over with a smile, stretched out his hand and shook hands with Xu Biao: "I came back for the Spring Festival. I just came to meet Secretary Du." Xu Biao took Zhang Yang's hand and introduced it to Cao Xiangdong. Cao Xiangdong was very modest. He took the initiative to extend his hand to Zhang Yang: "Zhang Yang, I have been famous for your name for a long time!" Zhang Yang said, "Mayor Cao, how can I be so famous? It's true that I've been famous for you for a long time!" He had heard of Cao Xiangdong and knew that Cao Xiangdong used to be the vice mayor of Beigang City and one of the most promising young cadres in Pinghai Province. He was highly appreciated by Song Huaiming, the governor of the province. Originally, Song Huaiming intended to let Cao Xiangdong go to Nanxi to replace Chen Hao as the executive vice mayor. However, Qiao Zhenliang, the secretary of the provincial Party committee, arranged Li Changyu to let Cao Xiangdong replace Li Changyu as the executive vice mayor of Jiangcheng City. Although Cao Xiangdong was promoted on the surface and Li Changyu was only transferred at the same level, there was a big difference in the following exhibition. Xu Guangran fell, and Li Changyu became the biggest beneficiary. He jumped from deputy secretary of the municipal party committee to executive vice mayor to secretary of the Nanxi municipal party committee, while Cao Xiangdong, who was also executive vice mayor, was not so lucky. The difference of standing in line determines the difference of the exhibition. If two people get along with each other, maybe the Secretary of the Nanxi Municipal Party Committee will be Cao Xiangdong. Cao Xiangdong said with a smile, "After Vice Mayor Li left, I took over his work. Now I am in charge of the Jiangcheng New Airport Project. Xiao Zhang, you are the first hero of the new airport project. I have always wanted to find an opportunity to thank you for your hard work." Zhang Yang said with a smile, "Mayor Cao is too polite!" Cao Xiangdong said, "If you want to invite me, you might as well meet by chance. Let's have lunch together." Zhang Yang and Hailan had agreed that she would prepare lunch at home and go back to eat by herself,warehouse storage racks, and was about to refuse. Cao Xiangdong said, "Today, several people in charge of the new airport project will have dinner together. Director Chang will also come over. They are all your old acquaintances. It's good for us to catch up." 。