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In the vast history of thousands of years, no one has ever met ghost cultivation or become ghost cultivation.

It was not easy for him to sneak down the mountain alone, not to mention that he was holding a child, so on the way down the mountain, it was not long before he was found by the patrolling disciples. A brother asked him, "Where did this baby come from?" I.. I picked it up at the gate of the mountain. Xuanqing hugged the child and instinctively lied for the first time. Picked it up? The Elder Martial Brotherthers who were on patrol did not believe it easily. Since Elder Martial Brother was gone, all the people except Xuanqing and Mu Ning were suspicious of each other for the position of the next head. In their eyes, no one was credible except themselves. Faced with the doubts of the brothers, Xuanqing did not know what to do. Fortunately, at this time, the scene of Tengu eating the sun suddenly came. The sunlight was lost, and everything was dark. Then, the guard bell of Xuanmen was sounded, and all the disciples ran to the door to gather together, but no one was in charge of Xuanqing. Xuanqing holding Xiaoxiao, also secretly toward the mountain gate, he wants to find an opportunity to go down the mountain, with Xiaoxiao to see a doctor. A group of white-clothed disciples gathered at the mountain gate, led by a wooden Taoist with a broken arm. He frowned and said, "This vision.." It's time for the gate of death to open. Naturally, he also knew that the gate of hell would open in seven hundred years, and some time ago he would choose to wear and tear to open the gate of hell, just because he couldn't wait. Xuanqing hid behind the pillar with a smile in her arms and saw that the elder brothers and sisters were not looking very good when they heard the word "ghost gate". The sun is completely covered by a black, at this time of day, it is like night,radio shuttle racking, no, it is darker than night, because now the sky, there is no starlight or moonlight. Then, they felt a strong evil, this evil, the immortal door of all the pressure, the huge immortal door, only the general evil of decay in the wanton lingering,metal racking systems, it is uncomfortable. The wind blew his clothes, and the man in white slowly ascended the stone steps in front of the mountain gate. His robe was white and spotless. His long hair was black, fluttering gently in the wind. His posture was tall and shy, and his appearance was perfect. There was no sound of footsteps in his leisurely pace, but as he lifted his feet and fell, there was an inaudible sound that clasped on the heartstrings of people. Finally, the man walked to the front of the mountain gate, he smiled at the crowd, like a spring breeze, "I will take your lives according to the contract." Chapter 420 raiders seven hundred years ago old virgin. A wooden Taoist in the heart, then issued a voice of disbelief, "you actually." Still alive? "Master, the disciple has come back from hell." Fang Yue chuckled, "send you to hell." "Boast," said Kazuki. Fang Yue smiled gracefully. "If I say, I'm going to bring all the people in Xuanmen into hell, industrial racking systems ,medium duty racking, but Master is going to say I'm crazy?" "There are so many people in Xuanmen. Even if you come out of the ghost gate alive, you are still just one person." Yimu was calm and calm, and was not afraid at all. Master is very confident. "Since ancient times, evil can't defeat good," said Yimu Zhengyi. "You are half human and half evil. How can you defeat the teacher of the right path?" "In that case, the disciple will be the last to kill the Master." "Put.." "Ah!" The scream of a disciple interrupted the unbridled word "unbridled" that Yimu had not yet spoken. Yimu felt some warm liquid sprinkled on his body. He looked at the man beside him who was screaming. He saw that one of his disciples, whom he had always valued, had burst and died. The broken limbs and flesh were all scattered on the people around him. Because Xuanmen wore more white clothes, the night of blood plasma was even more dazzling. A good wood can not speak for a long time, he did not become a master, also had to kill demons, hands stained with blood, but in these hundreds of years, he has never seen anyone kill in such a brutal way! Fang Yue withdrew his hand, as if he were quite distressed, "Next." Which one is better? Not only a wood, even other disciples, are also shocked to no response, this man. In the past, he was a selfless elder brother Chu Yu who cherished the world, but now. Who is he who is now ruthless and treats human life as worthless? This is a completely strange man. Yimu couldn't believe it. "It's impossible." How could you.. How can you have the ability to kill in the air? Even if you are a demon, you can't have this kind of cultivation! "Demon?" Fang Yue sneers, he kindly answers for him: "The heart is dead, the soul is dead, even if my body is still alive, then I am also a … …" Dead people, the ghost world is full of depression, only mournful wailing, there, I gave up the identity of a person, also gave up the identity of a demon, omniscient Yimu Taoist, my master, you say again, what am I now? "Yes.." Ghost repair. Fang Yue exclaimed, "Yes, it's a ghost repair." Under heaven, there are people who cultivate immortals and demons, and naturally there are people who cultivate ghosts. However, ghost cultivation has always been a legendary figure. In the vast history of thousands of years, no one has ever met ghost cultivation or become ghost cultivation. Gradually, it has become an illusory existence. In the ghost world, there is a withered maple tree, after Fang Yue entered the ghost world, where the ghost gas can not devour his vitality, where the ghost can not hurt him, because he has. The longevity curse in exchange for the glory of life. He had tried to find the soul of the scenery in the ghost world, but he could not find it, he thought, maybe the scenery appeared in the ghost world seven hundred years later, maybe. The scenery is absorbed by the ghost here as soon as it enters the ghost world. Fang Yue got used to the taste of despair. Slowly, he liked to sit under the maple tree and sink into his dream every day. He dreamed that there would be scenery. But the scenery could not enter his dream once. He guessed that maybe the ghosts around him were too noisy to find the scenery. So he began to keep killing ghosts, and those ghosts went up in smoke and turned into nothingness,heavy duty metal racking, and his spirit of killing became heavier and heavier, until all the ghosts felt his breath and would run away immediately. Chapter 421 raiders seven hundred years ago old virgin. After abandoning the identity of man and demon, he became a ghost. kingmoreracking.com