As the ancient saying goes, the complete txt works of "the prime minister of medical sex, please pick up the end of

As the ancient saying goes, the complete txt works of "the prime minister of medical sex, please pick up the end of driving + extra chapters"

"Kill you?" Luo Ning smiled faintly and asked, "Don't you think it's too cheap to kill you like this?" "What do you want?" Shui Xiyin is still very calm, a pair of eyes, such as a pool of stagnant water, has no desire to survive. All her life, she lived for Yiche, and now, she has completely given up, and there is no difference between living and dying. Jing Quanyang was forced to abdicate, and is now imprisoned in the palace by the female emperor Jing Xingyue. You say, at this time, if I give you to Jing Quanyang, what will happen? Luo Ning looked at Shui Xiyin with a half-smile. Shui Xiyin's body trembled slightly, his face turned pale, and he did not speak. Jing Quanyang is now imprisoned, and her temper is even more uncertain. If she is sent over, she must be unable to survive or die. What's the matter? Scared? Luoning still smiled shallowly. Luoning, you can't do this to me. My mother died for Yiche. He promised my mother that she would take good care of me! There was a slight and imperceptible tremor in Shui Xiyin's voice. Because she believed that Luoning could really do this kind of thing. So much, if the owner is not thinking about this affection, do you think you still have a life to live today? At the beginning of Yuchu, you and Jing Quanyang used to calculate Miss Mo. Do you think the owner really didn't know? Luoning's eyes are slightly cold. At the beginning, Jing Quanyang actually coveted Miss Mo, and even used her mother as bait to let Miss Mo go. If it weren't for Miss Mo's cleverness, I'm afraid it would really fall into their hands. So I paid the price that time too! The water cherishes the sound to smile somewhat discomfited, between the eye emerges the sad color. That night, Jing Quanyang took her as a purple feather ink, and since then, he has been threatening her with this matter. He even wanted Yichu's Qingming Ju, so he saved his children to inherit Qingming Ju, and she just wanted to have a child to keep Yichu, so they hit it off. You deserve to pay the price! If you don't covet things that don't belong to you, why do you fall into such a situation? "Ha ha." Shui Xiyin looked at Luo Ning and laughed, but the color in his eyes was extremely resentful. "Covet something that doesn't belong to you?"? Yi Che is mine. He and I have been engaged since we were young. The person who obstructs us is her purple feather ink. Obviously,Dissolved Gas Flotation, Yi Che and I are a pair made in heaven. Because of her appearance, everything is over! Luo Ning was angry and laughed, "before I met Miss Mo, the owner had already planned to dissolve the engagement between you, but you have been sticking to it and not admitting it." "No, no, no, it's because of Purple Plume Ink!"! It's all because of her! Shui Xiyin lost control of his emotions and shouted angrily. Luoning spread out his hands, "I can't help it if you think so!" Then hook lips, "anyway, now in my hands you can't get any benefits, read in your miscarriage a few days ago, let you live in the green for some time, but, you also have to remember, I Luoning is a vindictive person, Miss Mo is my master, filter nozzle ,rapid sand filters, even if she is not now, what you did to her, I will get back on you one by one!" Let someone take Shui Xiyin back to the room, then look at Mammy Lu, "for the sake of your old age, I will show some mercy!" Then with a cold look in his eyes, he ordered, "Give her a heavy responsibility of thirty big boards, and then drive her out of Qingmingju directly!" "Yes." Lu Mammy, on the other hand, had a grey color on her face since the appearance of Shui Xiyin. She already knew that the owner had completely abandoned the young lady, and that the young lady had not even looked at her just now, let alone interceded for her. Another place. Yueshijiu felt that he was about to suffocate, there was no air to breathe in his chest, his neck was severely tightened, but his eyelids were so heavy that he could not open them at all. Suddenly, the hand around the neck suddenly loosened, and at the moment when he could breathe, his body flew straight out, fell on the wall, and then fell to the ground. In the heart of the month nine secretly scold, in the end who dares to do this to her, after she is good with no back to the valley to destroy his family! Spit out a mouthful of blood, then open your eyes with difficulty. A handsome face with a bit of evil came into view. Is that you? The voice of Yueshijiu is slightly cool. Polygonum smiled, but that smile did not have half a minute into the fundus, "Oh, I did not expect you to remember me!" Even the voice, gives the human the feeling is the export dense. Yueshijiu stood up against the wall. The feeling of weakness made her frown. Damn, she was drugged. She pursed her lips. Her delicate little face looked at her coldly. "What are you going to do with me?" The last time Ye came to Baifu to find her is for the Polygonum, but, from the words of Ye, the feelings between the previous month nine and Polygonum should be good, but, Polygonum now so to themselves, is it. He knows who he is? As soon as this idea came out, Yueshi Jiuben's eyebrows were slightly tightened, but there were not many people who knew her true identity, who would tell her?! The names of possible people in my mind one by one, and finally the eyes narrowed slightly, with a little cold overflowing from it. Jinyue! He pulled out a chair from under the table and sat down gracefully. "What are you doing here?" Eyes suddenly fell on the body of the month nine, "nature is to interrogate some things." Yueshijiu did not speak, but thought about the way to get away. Her body is not afraid of the general ecstasy, but when this guy does not know what to give her, the whole body can not lift a trace of strength, he was taken away in the white house, in Yanfeng in addition to the elder brother also has no one to rely on, now can only wait for the elder brother to send her missing to find her. What do you want to ask? If I knew, I would try to tell you. She's just stalling now. When the eyes suddenly cold, like a sword shot at the month when nine, "you are not small nine, who are you?" "What do you mean?" Yue Shi Jiu asked in reply. Still pretend to be stupid, you are not a family member at all, what is the purpose of pretending to be Xiao Jiu? "Everyone knows the status of Miss Shi Jiu in Shi Jia. What reason do I have to pretend to be her? Besides,Wall Penstocks, I am the owner of Wuhui Valley. What can I do for Shi Jia?" On the ninth day of the month, every word, every word is loud.