The whole world is attacking me -- the beginning of the first cloud

But he thought carefully, knowing that it was easy to backfire when a boy came to make up lessons on his own initiative

A policeman looked at Lu Yi and asked her if she had mentioned something wrong with Bai Yahui to Fu Baoning. When she saw Lu Yi nodding, she was relieved. People came to visit them with good intentions, but they didn't even have a meal. Fu Baoning was really embarrassed. He apologized next to them, saying that he would invite them to dinner another day, and then he sent them out. "I stay with you," Lu Yi said: "You are here alone, certainly can not take care of. Moreover, she felt from the bottom of her heart that Bai Yahui was not a good person, fearing that Fu Baoning, a poor little man, would suffer losses. I'm all right, really all right. "Fu Baoning's expression is stubborn and his eyes are strong." Sister Lu Yi, you also have your own work. How can I bother you? Besides, I have to learn to grow up! Fu Baoning said impassioned, the figure is also tall and straight like a small poplar, Lu Yi was moved, wiped the tears in the corner of her eyes, told: "If you have something to do, don't carry it alone, remember to contact us." Fu Baoning nodded forcefully: "Well!" …… Bai Yahui lay in the hospital bed for two hours,Belt Filter Press, then leisurely woke up, Leng Leng looked at the ceiling of the ward for a while, and then recalled the merciless patting of the door. Her nose was killing her, the bridge of her nose was probably broken, and her head was buzzing like there was an electric fan inside. Bai Yahui was so angry that she twisted her face to one side and saw the culprit Fu Baoning sitting on one side. She looked at her with guilt on her face. She mumbled a few times and whispered: "Yahui, I'm sorry. I didn't expect you to be outside the door at that time. I didn't mean to.." To be fair, Bai Yahui really wants to give her a shot,rapid sand filters, but there is a strategy task there, and she has to endure it even if she doesn't feel good. After all, she is now a gentle and kind bosom sister. It doesn't matter. "When she spoke, she touched her cheeks, and the pain came in an instant. Bai Yahui's face twisted and she said with a fake smile," I know Baoning didn't mean it. How can I blame you? " "Don't you really blame me?" Asked Fu Baoning with tears in his eyes. "I don't blame you," said Bai Yahui, who was still inhaling oxygen, in a weak voice. "I blame myself for not being careful and not saying hello before entering the door." "Well," Fu Baoning wiped his nose and put it on her hospital gown. Then he took out a bill and said, "I helped you pay for the hospital. Remember to return it to me later." “……” Bai Yahui:?? Fu Baoning, how dare you ask me to pay the medical fee?! I do not want compensation, not to pursue the responsibility has been very understanding, you step on the horse actually want me to pay?! If you meet someone who touches porcelain, disc air diffuser ,disc air diffuser, you can be blackmailed into bankruptcy! Bai Yahui looked at her in amazement and said in disbelief, "Baoning, I was hurt by you." Fu Baoning was equally surprised and said, "You said it yourself. It's all your fault for not being careful." “……” Bai Yahui:?? "How could you do that?" She heard Fu Baoning, a little brute, say, "My money didn't come from the strong wind." “……” Bai Yahui:?? Ooh, got it! The bridge of my nose was blown by the wind, and the concussion was also blown by the wind. Bai Yahui grinned on her face, but in her heart, she didn't want to tear her face with Fu Baoning for so little money. So she smiled gently and reluctantly took her hand and said, "Baoning, I didn't mean that. Don't think too much about it." "I didn't think much about it," Fu Baoning wiped the crocodile's tears and said, "I was afraid you would repudiate the debt." “……” Bai Yahui:?? "How to return a responsibility," she cannot help saying with the system: "Fu Baoning reveals her true colors finally? The system clicked on the melon seeds and said, "I am a hen." Bai Yahui added, "She didn't find something wrong, did she?" The system continued to eat melon seeds and said, "I am a hen." "What the *** can you do?" Said Bai Yahui irritably. A thunderbolt struck the system and said with a smile, "I can chop you up." A black smoke came out of Bai Yahui's eyes, and she rolled her eyes and fainted. Fu Baoning looked at her coldly and found out the Code of Laws and Decrees. As expected, the name of Bai Yahui appeared on it. In addition, there were several other people. Strategist Lu Hongqing: The degree of mental breakdown is 10%. Strategist Time Ji: 5% of the degree of mental breakdown. Strategist Ye Nanchao: The degree of mental breakdown is 2%. Strategist Bai Yahui: The degree of mental breakdown is 13%. The data is not high, but this group of people are really strategists. Silly boy smiled coldly, took out a pair of nail clippers from his pocket, lowered his eyelashes, and began to trim his nails. The edge of the nail clippers was very sharp, and her eyes were the same. Bai Yahui's system looked at this scene, and the melon seeds stopped knocking. She snapped a picture and sent it to the system group with a smile on her aunt's face: "Come and see!"! Today is a handsome black boy! Fresh and hot!!! …… Lu Hongqing and Ye Nanchao were still thinking about how to get close to Fu Baoning, but Time Ji embarked on the same path as Bai Yahui. But he thought carefully, knowing that it was easy to backfire when a boy came to make up lessons on his own initiative, so he specially communicated with the director of the grade department and found Fu Baoning's door in the name of top students communicating with each other. But time is bad luck, there when Fu Baoning has come to the hospital with the police and Bai Yahui, he did not want to give up, take out the mobile phone, call Fu Baoning. When Fu Baoning finished cutting his nails, he heard his cell phone vibrating, glanced at it, and reached out to pick it up. Is it Fu Baoning? I am Time Ji. "A clear male voice came from the opposite side:" The director of the grade department asked me to help you make up lessons. I went to your home according to the address he gave me, but found that you were not there.. " "I'm in the hospital," said Fu Baoning. "Something happened to Bai Yahui. I'm in bed with her. Come here." Time Ji saw her directly to Xiao Cheng crazy, when the phone was still murmuring in the heart, now see her promise so happy,lamella tube, really surprised and happy, asked which hospital, hurriedly took a taxi past.