Reborn concubine of a noble family by Panax

Gu Jiuxi thought carefully in his mind, but compared with General Meng, General Meng is really a low-key person

Meng Desheng held her hand with his backhand. Gu Jiuxi paused and said with a smile, "After the New Year, our daughter will be one month old, and we will wash three times later.". I It will be seventeen next year. Let's put those worries aside for a while. After a while, Meng Desheng nodded, "I'll give you a good birthday." Then he went on to say, "And our girl's washing for three months, the full moon and the hundred days, we must do it well." After listening to the general's words, Gu Jiuxi's heart was very sweet, especially when the general put her in the first place. However, she had a different opinion on the third day of washing and the hundredth day of the full moon. Winter weather is cold, afraid of freezing the child, she did not stay in my stomach enough days, it is better to wash three times. Gu Jiuxi said slowly, "When she is one month old, it's the Chinese New Year. She may not be able to free up her hands. It's better to wait until a hundred days to hold another big event." Meng Desheng was silent for a moment, watching Gu Jiuxi's eyes dark against the candlelight, unable to open anything, "wash three free, the full moon on the family to eat a meal, as for a hundred days, when the time comes." Gu Jiuxi nodded. Meng Desheng helped her lie down again and said, "It's late at night. You should have a good rest. I'll come to see you tomorrow." Walked to the door and looked back at her: "This year …" I can always have a New Year. The days of confinement were fairly good, although they could not bathe,fine bubble diffuser, but they were in the house again in winter, and they could barely wipe it every day. Gu Jiuxi could not help thinking that it would be better if the next child was born in winter. When I came back to think of what I had just thought, even though I was already married, I could not help blushing. The general came to see her every day, sometimes several times a day, but also proved from the side that the emperor did not give him any errands, Gu Jiuxi gradually relieved, can not help but feel that he was a little oversensitive at the beginning. The general is brave and resourceful, and does not need her careful and deliberate reminder. In a twinkling of an eye, she arrived in Chinese New Year's Eve,lamella clarifer, because she was still in the month of confinement, and Gu Jiuxi could not attend the banquet at home, including ancestor worship and other activities, and she sat in her room honestly, listening to the news coming back from the outside. Fortunately, she has a daughter to accompany her. Just as I was counting the days of my confinement, there was a hubbub outside. Mrs. Tai is here. Listen to the sound lifted the curtain, Gu Jiuxi looked at a big makeup of the wife came in, the expression on his face. It's neither good nor bad. I can't see anything. Grandmother is here. Gu Jiuxi smiled and said that the number of times Mrs. Tai came these days was not as good as that of the general, and besides looking after the children, she was just saying "take good care of it." I went to the palace today to thank you. Mrs. Tai sat down and rested for a moment, then said lightly, "I thought De Sheng had married a wife and could have someone to accompany me in the palace, but I didn't think I would go in alone this year." After listening to these words, Gu Jiuxi did not understand what Mrs. Tai wanted to say, so he also answered a painless sentence, "Next year I will be able to accompany my grandmother." Mrs. Tai smiled, rotary vacuum disc filters ,Rotating sludge scraper, but changed the subject. "I saw your sister when I went to the palace today." Gu Jiuxi was stunned, Gu Bazhen? But she was cautious by nature and said the word "Gu Fei". Mrs. Tai nodded. "She looks thinner than you, and her face is not good." Too madam did not know what to think of, slightly frowned, "originally listen to her is good, see today." She asked me to say hello to you. Gu Jiuxi a little do not understand, it is said that an emperor's concubine, too madam how to dislike can not dislike her body, unless. Unless something has changed on Gu Bazhen, but it can make such an old lady dislike her, and then think of Gu Bazhen being released again. This change is not difficult to guess. But it has nothing to do with her, Gu Jiuxi pretended not to understand, "next year into the palace will be able to see her sister." "Where to use next year?" There is a little reminder in Mrs. Tai's words. "Maybe when you are out of confinement, and after the New Year, she will announce you to the palace." Gu Jiuxi nodded and sighed, "We haven't seen each other for a year.". ” Too lady drank two mouthfuls of hot tea, and looked at the child, because it was Chinese New Year's Eve, she had changed inside and outside all red swaddling clothes, too lady saw, her face smiled sincerely a lot, "I thought you were the first time to raise a child, but also afraid of you.." But the child was well raised, and although it was only five catties when it was born, "Mrs. Tai picked up the child and weighed it," I'm afraid it's already nine or ten catties. " Speaking of children, Gu Jiuxi is also a face of smile, "where there is so heavy, there are clothes on the body." Mrs. Tai smiled and said, "The people in your room must be well rewarded." She put down the child and added, "I'm going to worship my ancestors today, and you can come next year. Ask Desheng to bring food back in the evening, and you young couple will keep vigil by yourself." Gu Jiuxi agreed, and when Mrs. Tai went out, her heart was filled with irrepressible joy, despite this short sentence, which meant too much. Mrs. Tai said that the people in her room should be well rewarded, but she did not say that she would seal the red seal, which implied that she would make her own decisions about the affairs of the eastern courtyard. As for calling the general back in the evening, let the two of them keep vigil by themselves. Want to know originally in the family, that is the whole family together, too madam is willing to open this mouth, that is to say, the general has privately mentioned the matter of separation, but too madam also said next year together ancestor worship, presumably this separation is not a matter of one or two years, but it may also be to wait for the old general to come back. Gu Jiuxi thought carefully in his mind, but compared with General Meng, General Meng is really a low-key person, Gu Jiuxi thought about it and could not remember whether the old general had returned to the capital in his previous life, or when he came back. Gu Jiuxi was out of sight, but she could hear a burst of firecrackers outside. She put the child in bed and closed the window for fear of scaring the child. Not long after the lights were lit and it was still dark outside, Meng Desheng came back. Chapter 126 Chapter 126 Chinese New Year's Eve. Daughter is December 11, to Chinese New Year's Eve month has passed more than half, Gu Jiuxi can also get out of bed with the help of a servant girl, when Meng Desheng came in,Mechanical fine screen, Gu Jiuxi sat in front of a table of food and wine, smiling at Meng Desheng, "the general came back." 。